Mar. 23, 2018 UPDATE

Flowers bloom in the warmth of spring! View plum blossoms at Kyoto's Kitano Tenmangu Plum Blossom Garden!

The Plum Blossom Garden at Kitano Tenmangu is open to visitors annually. The pink and white plum blossoms endow this place with the spirit of spring. The Japanese sweets sold at Kyoto's old shop and the Oyakodon prepared by its popular old shop make this flower-seeing tour even more satisfying!
Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

The curtain of spring is officially opened by the annual plum season. Kyoto's most famous locale for viewing plum blooms is none other than the Plum Blossom Garden of Kitano Tenmangu. The addition of a local cuisine gives an extra flavor to the delight of the plum blossom viewing experience. Come and join Xiaobian's journey!

The cherry blossom season and maple leaves season are the peak seasons of sightseeing in Kyoto! At the time of the Spring Equinox, the grounds of the Plum Blossom Garden of Kitano Tenmangu turn into a sea of flowers, and the sight of the plum blossoms under the radiant sun is invigorating.

After purchasing my ticket, I couldn't wait to enter the Plum Blossom Garden! I would like to remind everyone that you should keep your ticket because you can redeem it for free refreshments.


The weather was very good on the day. Walking the plum blossom path under the blue sky, people could feel the light breeze of spring on their faces.


There were a number of plum blossoms on both sides of the trail. On seeing them, it was impossible to hide my mood of excitement. The plum blossoms were roughly divided into three colors: white, peach and pink. The elegant pink, neither too plain nor too bright, is what I loved best.


If you look carefully, you could see that hanging on each plum tree there is a transparent lamp with candles inside. During the evening event, the candles were lit and the scene became a super romantic plum blossom world.


The Plum Blossom Garden in Kitano Tenmangu was larger than I expected. On this trail, I had taken numerous photos. If you are like Xiaobian and love to take selfies, you should be careful not to disturb other people when you take your selfies!


After visiting the Plum Blossom Garden, we strolled to the main hall of Tenmangu. Besides Japanese tourists, there were also many foreign tourists.


It is obvious that no one could resist the charm of the plum blossoms! Also, Kitano Tenmangu worships the deity of learning, so Xiaobian made sure to ask for its blessing to achieve good results in my exams!


After strolling through the Plum Bloom Garden, you might like to sit down and have a rest. This is just the time to produce your ticket and claim your refreshment! The scented plum biscuits and perilla plum tea served by the old Kyoto shop are a very Japanese-style morning tea!


After eating the crunchy biscuits, I became interested in Japanese sweets and was told that that there is a shop nearby. So I set out for a trip over there! I loved the atmosphere of Kyoto's alleyways.


Watching the facade of the buildings, you could feel the atmosphere of the place's long history. Although the shop I entered looks quite rustic, the snacks and sweets in its cupboards were colorful and dazzling.


Japanese sweets can best show off the prime produce of the season! The plum sauce, the cool red cake and others are all made from plums. Let Xiaobian scoop them up without saying another word! When encountering such lovely things, I genuinely couldn't stop myself from opening my wallet! (weep)


The cool red cake in the lower right hand corner has a sweet, savory plum flavor which is very unique. The intricate taste and melt-in-your-mouth texture of Japanese sweets perfectly captures the flavor of Kyoto.


After shopping for refreshments, I went to the long-queuing and very popular "Toriiwarou" restaurant. Even though it only served the dish "Oyakodon" in its lunch menu, there was still a long queue of patiently waiting people. Xiaoban arrived before the shop was opened. However, there was already a small crowd waiting outside! It's amazing!


Upon entering the shop, I was taken to the guest area on the second floor. Along the way, I passed a Japanese-style garden, which was really beautiful! The dining area has a tatami-style dining table. It's all very Japanese in style!


After a short period, the serving staff had already put the Oyakodon in front of me. The moment I opened the bowl cover, I could smell the succulent, delicious fragrance of the sauce. I took a quick photo and was eager to taste this legendary deliciousness!


The chicken meat was very tender and the eggs were fresh and moist. I stirred a raw egg yolk into the steaming hot rice. The mildly sweet sauce added moisture to the taste. The shop really lived up to its fame. More than half of the diners in the guest area were Taiwanese tourists! It is obvious that its fame and popularity are considerable!


When I left the shop after finishing the satisfying meal, the shop was already crowded with a large queue of people. Oyakodon is a common and standard dish in Japan. However, Toriiwarou's proportionate distribution of rice and other ingredients and the smooth taste of its raw eggs are things that I still dream about! I must to bring my friends here to taste it again!


The plum blossom is a symbol of spring's arrival and has an elegant, lovely appearance. As the weather turns warm, they also make people feel very comfortable. If you have time, I have heard that plum blossoms at night are also very beautiful. So why not visit here at night as well?

A comment from the staff
Walking through this large plum garden is just like walking in a sea of flowers. Although this is not my first visit to the Plum Blossom Garden, I never get tired of the view. On this occasion, I had added a lunch break and visited the famous Oyakodon restaurant "Toriiwarou" recommended by my Taiwanese friends. Even now, I still remember the delicious scent! If you don’t want to wait too long in the queue, make sure to come here before the shop opens!

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