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Sharing our experiences in Kyoto to the world, from the autumn leaves to the Gion Festival(Page2).

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Setsubun at Yasaka Shrine in 2018 with both maiko and geisha

When it comes to Setsubun Festivals in Kyoto, Yasaka Shrine is one of the most famous and most exuberant ones. You have a raffle, maiko, geisha, and of course good-luck beans!
Sampo Feb. 07, 2018
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Time to pray for wealth and prosperity at the Toka Ebisu Festival!

Every year on 10 of January, Toka Ebisu Festival takes place at Ebisu Shrine and people go to it to pray for the prosperity of their company
Vanessa Jan. 17, 2018
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The first shrine visit of the year in 2018 to Fushimi Inari Shrine!

We went to the one and only Fushimi Inari Shrine, famous for both its thousands of torii gates and foxes, in Kyoto for the first shrine visit of 2018!
Sampo Jan. 12, 2018
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Happy New Year 2018! The first shrine visit of the year to Shimogamo Shrine to seek good luck!

The year 2018 has begun! Shimogamo Shrine is a famous first-shrine-visit-of-the-year spot, where you can pray for good luck for the New Year, and you also get to see a kemari ballgame show.
Vanessa Jan. 11, 2018
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The last Tenjin-san flea market of the year, Shimai Tenjin in December 2017

We went to Shimai Tenjin at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine to get the best bargains and taste Kitano’s famous Chogoro-mochi rice cakes.
Sampo Dec. 28, 2017
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There’s a new shopping center called Toni Toni right next to Heian Shrine

Toni Toni is a new shopping center named after Jidai Matsuri right next to Heian Shrine containing many nice restaurants and shops.
Sampo Dec. 25, 2017
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We took part in a sushi making experience at Daiki Suisan’s Sushi Seminar

Taking part in the Sushi Seminar opens many doors, meaning you get to have sushi parties at home with authentic Japanese sushi you make yourself!
Sampo Dec. 20, 2017
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How to line up for Ruriko-in Temple’s autumn leaves

Going to Ruriko-in Temple means a lot of time spent lining up, but in the end, the autumn leaves really are worth it.
Sampo Dec. 07, 2017
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Admiring the 2017 night illuminations at Chion-in Temple and Yasaka Shrine

The illuminated autumn leaves make for a romantic sight. The illumination event at Chion-in is something you can’t miss. Let’s go see some autumn leaves at night!
Vanessa Dec. 01, 2017
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2017 Pilgrimage to the holiest of the autumn leaves spots in Kyoto: Mount Takao!

My first trip to Takao, and although it’s very cold up in the mountains, the autumn leaves were so pretty I forgot about everything else! But remember to wear walking shoes and warm clothes when you go up the mountains!
Vanessa Nov. 30, 2017

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