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Sharing our experiences in Kyoto to the world, from the autumn leaves to the Gion Festival(Page4).

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Wendy’s is back in Kyoto: America vs. Japan

Wendy’s is back in Kyoto together with the Japanese chain First Kitchen. Which one offers better burgers, the American or the Japanese fast food chain?
Sampo Jun. 20, 2017
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A report from the frontlines of Aoi Matsuri, a festival with a history of over 1000 years!

We went to Aoi Matsuri, one of the big three festivals in Kyoto!
Erika Jun. 02, 2017
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We went to the beer garden at the Kyoto Tower!

All of Sharing Kyoto’s writers went to the beer garden at the Kyoto Tower!
Erika May. 31, 2017
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Vanessa, Erika and Shiho toured the famous bakeries of Kyoto

Sharing Kyoto writers Shiho, Erika, and Vanessa went to the best bakeries in Kyoto find out which one of them had the best bread!
Shiho May. 23, 2017
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Erika and Vanessa's cherry blossom viewing at Daigo-ji Temple!

Sharing Kyoto’s writers Erika and Vanessa went to see the cherry blossoms at Daigo-ji Temple!
Erika May. 23, 2017
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Secluded hikyo stations of Japan: JR Hozukyo Station in Kyoto

There are many stations in Japan that may feel a bit lonely at first, but are actually places of abundant natural beauty, like JR Hozukyo Station in Kyoto.
Sampo May. 23, 2017
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A battle of pancakes: where can you get the best pancake in Kyoto?

Pancakes are hot in Kyoto right now, Kyoto is no longer only about matcha, so come take a look at the hottest pancakes in Kyoto!
Vanessa May. 19, 2017
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We went to Murin-an’s media event!

Sharing Kyoto’s writers Erika and Sampo went and joined Murin-an’s night illumination media event
Erika May. 12, 2017
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Emperor Uda’s mausoleum in Kyoto near Ninna-ji Temple

A truly off-the-beaten-path hiking destination in Kyoto that is sure to leave you in awe.
Sampo Apr. 20, 2017
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When the demons dance their cumbersome dance to the beat of a taiko drum at Rozan-ji Temple

Rozan-ji Temple is full of demons when the day of the demons. Setsubun, comes round. But the demons here are not that scary; they have a comic side to them.
Sampo Apr. 18, 2017

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