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Walking through the artisan district

Daitokuji Temple & Kitaoji

The Nishijin area straddles Kitaoji Dori, with Daitokuji Temple located in the north and its famous dyed textile manufacturing district to the south.
Daitokuji Temple is one of the most …morespecial Zen temples in Kyoto, having produced many famous monks such as Ikkyu Sojun, known affectionately as just “Ikkyu” even in modern times, and it is also closely linked with Sen Rikyu, who perfected the tea ceremony.
Nishijin is also a very atmospheric area, with Kyoto-style traditional Japanese houses called machiya still lining the streets today. Walking along the narrow stone-paved streets, you can enjoy your trip as you experience what it is like to be one of the locals. There are also many cafes and shops run in renovated machiya and other old buildings that are irresistible to those who love antiquities and cafes.
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