The best events in Kyoto

A lot happens in Kyoto during the year, from Gion Festival and temple illuminations to cosplay events.
There are so many events it might be difficult to keep track, but luckily for you Sharing Kyoto can help you!

What’s happening in Kyoto

Sharing Kyoto's recommended events in Arashiyama Area
Going to Arashiyama? Remember to check Sharing Kyoto before your trip as we have a list of the best events for the area of Arashiyama!
Three biggest festivals of Kyoto
In the historic city of Kyoto there are three famous festivals that have been celebrated for hundreds, even thousands of years. Sometimes called “Three big Kyoto festivals”, these festivals are Aoi Festival, Gion Festival, and Jidai Festival, and they are famous world-wide.
Celebrate Setsubun with demons, beans, and maiko!
Every February a traditional event called Setsubun is observed in Japan. Setsubun means the changing of the season, and there are many rituals, the most famous of which is the expelling of the demon by throwing beans at it. Setsubun is a tradition that is alive and well today, before Setsubun you can find beans and demon masks at most convenience stores and supermarkets, and there are many festivals to celebrate Setsubun. Of course Setsubun is also celebrated in Kyoto, and there are many Setsubun festivals celebrated at the shrines and temples of Kyoto. There the people of Kyoto enjoy the Setsubun festivities like bean throwing. Setsubun is usually held on February 3rd, but there are also festivals and events on 2nd and 4th too. This feature is all about Setsubun! Parts one and two are about the Setsubun festivals held in Kyoto while parts three and four are about Setsubun traditions like bean throwing! If you are in Kyoto during Setsubun, I hope you will try to get into a festive spirit!
The most interesting temple flea markets of Kyoto
There are flea markets at Kyoto’s temples and parks every day. From antiques to handicrafts, I’m going to introduce 5 markets where you can try to find treasures.

Kyoto’s best events by month

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