Articles about events in Kyoto

A lot happens in Kyoto during the year! From the traditional to the new and hip, we have you covered.


The top 10 most popular Kyoto events on Sharing Kyoto in 2017!

Many events small and big take place in Kyoto every month, but in this article, you can find out which were the most popular!
Vanessa Jan. 22, 2018

Enjoy the winter of 2018 in Kyoto! Top 7 events for January and February

In this article, you can learn about the most recommended traditional events taking place in Kyoto in January and February 2018.
Kenji Dec. 27, 2017

One Piece stamp rally around historic sights of Kyoto

One Piece has come to Kyoto! Luffy's at Kyoto Station, Nami at Karasuma Oike, and you can find Brook at Kurumazaki Shrine!
Sampo Oct. 12, 2017

Recommended autumn events in Kyoto!

5 autumn events in Kyoto recommended by Sharing Kyoto’s writer Erika!
Erika Aug. 31, 2017

Top 4 mysterious night illumination events in Kyoto in autumn!

Four different, but all mysterious, night illumination events held at Kyoto’s temples.
Erika Aug. 25, 2017

Top 3 weirdest festivals in Kyoto

There are peculiar festivals called “weird festivals” in Kyoto that have their own special customs. These festivals are called the “three weird festivals of Kyoto” and they are something extremely Japanese you won’t forget.
Erika Jun. 01, 2017

Sharing Kyoto's recommended events in Arashiyama Area

Going to Arashiyama? Remember to check Sharing Kyoto before your trip as we have a list of the best events for the area of Arashiyama!
Sampo May. 23, 2017

Top Kyoto events you just have to go in May and June

Coming to Kyoto in May or June? Then you have to check out these events that bring out the best of Kyoto!
Sampo May. 23, 2017

Mystical illumination events of Kyoto

Kyoto looks normally looks pretty, but when it’s illuminated at night the temples and shrines of Kyoto take on a completely new, mysterious look.
Sampo May. 23, 2017

4 events for 4 seasons!

There are 4 seasons in Japan, and here are the 4 best events for each season in Kyoto!
Erika May. 22, 2017

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