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Sharing Kyoto's guide to sushi in Kyoto

Sharing Kyoto's guide to sushi in Kyoto
It is no exaggeration to say that the very essence of Japanese culture can be found packed into a single roll of sushi. From the beautiful appearance, through to the uncompromising obsession with the quality of the ingredients, the skill of the chefs, and the dining etiquette, signs of “Japanese-ness” and Japanese spirit can be found everywhere you look, both in the sushi and in the green tea which accompanies it. You can get an even stronger sense of all of these things in a small, hand-rolled sushi restaurant where the only seating available is at the counter.

Perhaps the very reason you are planning to visit Japan is to eat delicious sushi.

In that case, welcome to Kyoto! This is a place which has prospered as the birthplace of traditional Japanese culture since ancient times, and which continues to both observe and convey the spirit of Japanese cuisine. While Tokyo may be the home of hand-rolled sushi, Kyoto not only has delicious hand-rolled sushi, it also has its very own form of “sushi cuisine”, which developed in harmony with the climate of the region and the lifestyle of its people. So come to Kyoto and become acquainted with the skill of its people and the beauty of their labor for making sushi, as well as discovering just how delicious, convenient, and fun the food made from everyday ingredients can be. Let us help you to turn your experience of eating sushi in Kyoto into a wonderful and unforgettable memory!
Part 1If you want to enjoy authentic sushi in Kyoto...
The origins of sushi can be traced back to the late Edo period. In the old days in Edo, people could order sushi standing in front of food stalls and finish it in one mouthful. This easy and carefree way of eating made sushi one of the ‘‘fast foods’’ everyone was familiar with. Naturally, ‘‘true Tokyoites’’ born and raised in the city are said to have impatient personalities. In the postwar Showa era, it was a common sight to see Tokyoites out drinking and …
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Part 2Enjoy conveyor belt sushi in Kyoto!
Next, I have everyone’s favorite, conveyor belt sushi! Conveyor belt sushi is popular here and abroad. The popularity of conveyor belt sushi must be because you can eat delicious sushi as much as you want for a reasonable price, and also that just looking at the sushi going round and round is fun! Of course it’s possible to enjoy conveyor belt sushi also in Kyoto. Conveyor belt sushi is an easy way to enjoy sushi, and these sushi …
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Part 3Kyoto’s Specialty Sushi
Here, we will be introducing a number of rather unusual sushi restaurants whose specialties are hard to find outside of Kyoto, even within Japan. “Saba-zushi,” a type of preserved dish made with specially treated fish, with its roots in Kyoto’s geographic situation and the wisdom the people of the past. “Hako-sushi,” a variety of sushi that’s as much a delight for the eyes as it is for the mouth, made with layered rice and toppings pressed into shape inside …
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Part 4The best sushi restaurants in Kyoto for Instagram foodies
How about some sushi that is so cute you just have to take a picture and upload it to Instagram? Recently there are many Kyoto-like sushi restaurants that offer cute sushi that not only tastes great but also looks great in pictures. These restaurants are so popular there is often a line in front of the restaurant even before opening time …
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