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Exclusive Sushi Experience in Kyoto
Part 2

Enjoy sushi on a budget!

Enjoy sushi on a budget!
The sushi most Japanese people are familiar with on an everyday basis is served at affordable prices in casual restaurants with a lively atmosphere like an Izakaya (Japanese style pubs), or places like kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi), where you can enjoy a plate with two pieces for ¥100. For people who have an hour to go before boarding the Shinkansen bullet train, but want to eat sushi one last time before leaving Kyoto, we will introduce some restaurants inside Kyoto Station that are just right for you. Our recommendations are definitely not based on low prices. The most important thing is that these are restaurants where you can enjoy delicious sushi. Here we present a selection of inexpensive, delicious, and fun restaurants in Kyoto where you can enjoy sushi.
Musashi Sushi Sanjo HontenーMain store
Let’s start with kaiten-zushi. There are almost certainly already restaurants in your country where all kinds of sushi are carried around the restaurant on rails. Musashi Sushi is located right in the middle of Kyoto’s top shopping district, making it the perfect sushi restaurant to visit while you are out shopping. Unless you happen to have an unusually large stomach, you should be able to get your fill for about ¥2,000. Choose whatever sushi you like from the rails, and enjoy many authentic Japanese toppings.
If you just love sushi made with tuna, there is no better place to go than Totoya. You can expect to spend ¥1,000 to ¥2,000. The words “fish market” may bring to mind Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, but actually, Kyoto has its very own major market that deals in trading fresh fish and vegetables. Totoya is located inside this market, and it is very popular as a restaurant specializing in sushi made from tuna. A wide variety of fresh toppings in addition to tuna are also available.
Manshige - Shopping Mall Kyoto Porta
If you have a big appetite love good food and want to eat sushi one last time, but need to catch the Shinkansen soon, then this is the place for you. This restaurant serves authentic Kyoto cooking at affordable prices, and for around ¥2,000, you can enjoy sushi together with a la carte dishes made from seasonal ingredients. They use the most delicious ingredients that are in season for sushi toppings, so you can fully experience authentic flavors you would not expect to find at a restaurant inside a shopping mall.

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