Jan. 14, 2016 UPDATE
Exclusive Sushi Experience in Kyoto
Part 4

A True Sushi experience and more variations

A True Sushi experience and more variations
Is simply eating good sushi, no longer satisfying enough? If you have enoughare bored of eating ordinary sushi and want a more memorable sushi experience, I really recommend the sushi restaurant below. Both prepared and eaten with one's bare hands, sushi is a cuisine prepared and eaten in a unique way and unlike any other food around the world. Why not take advantage of such an experience and make some lasting memories in Kyoto!
Kyo-Suzaku Sushi Ichiba
Kyo-Suzaku Sushi Ichiba is a must-visit sushi restaurant located in Kyoto's Wholesale Market where fresh seafood from around Japan is delivered on a daily basis. It is of course not just a sushi restaurant though. On the second floor of the restaurant, the chefs give lessons on making Nigiri-zushi (hand-pressed sushi). This is a unique opportunity to learn how to hand press Nigiri-zushi from experts in a relaxed environment, and then sample the sushi you make. It is an experience hard to find anywhere else! Make sure to visit Kyo-Suzaku Sushi Ichiba!
AWOMB offers the party-style dish Temaki-zushi (hand-rolled) on its menu. Temaki-zushi is a dish eaten among Japanese families and involves placing vinegared rice, fish, vegetables, other toppings, and your choice of seasonings, on top of a sheet of seaweed the size of your palm. The seaweed is then rolled to form a cone and ready for devouring. The dish allows you to eat as much of your favorite ingredients as you like and have fun matching them with other ingredients. It is also popular with kids as it gives them the exciting opportunity to prepare their own food. The Temaki-zushi offered at AWOMB is definitely for adults though. (At AWOMB Temakizushi is given the name 'Teori-zushi') . It's not only the experience itself, but also the numerous ingredients that change with the season and are presented beautifully that make AWOMB's Temaki-zushi a masterpiece.

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