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Staff Recommended Places To Visit During Cherry Blossom Season

Staff Recommended Places To Visit During Cherry Blossom Season
Some call it a season for love while others see it as the start of a new year. The cherry blossom season brings many sentimental feelings to people of Japan every year. With the start of a new school year for students in April, the cherry blossoms continuously bring encouragements to people through all levels of life.

Cherry blossoms, or also known as Sakura in Japanese, are often used as the symbol of Japan. It’s said that people have been associated with cherry blossom trees for over a thousand years now. The flower is frequently used in representation of the country. Now cherry blossoms can also be seen in places far across the globe from Japan like in Washington D.C. because the Japanese government gifted them to strength international bonds. In Japan, there are about 300 different types of cherry blossom trees. Among them, Someiyoshino is a type mostly familiar among people of Japan. Interestingly, most cherry trees planted are by people instead of natural placements; therefore, most trees are related to each other sharing the same DNA. They tend to blossom at the same time and then the petals fall off in sync.

The trees are beautiful in any place they bloom, of course. The whole country will be flourished with cherry blossom from March to May. Nonetheless, you do not want to miss the historical city of Kyoto during this wonderful season. Locals love the natural scenery Kyoto offers and looks forwards to the blooming cherry blossoms every year. We hope that you will spend the cherry blossom season the same way people of Kyoto do. From wonderful walks by the canals lined with cherry blossoms to feeling the spring air swirling the petals off the trees, there are incredible things to look forward to in Kyoto. Get actually close to cherry blossoms, take pictures, and enjoy this delightful time.

The spring time in Japan is extra special because of the attitude and sentimental feelings people have towards this short time frame when the trees blossom (usually for about 2 weeks). We present to you our recommended places to visit during the cherry blossom season in Kyoto that we know for sure you will never forget.

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