Mar. 03, 2016 UPDATE
Staff Recommended Places To Visit During Cherry Blossom Season
Part 1

Strolling By Cherry Blossom Trees

Taking the time to walk down the streets surrounded by cherry blossom trees is one of the simplest ways of taking in the beauty of the spring season. Though accessible throughout the whole year, sight-seeing spots in Kyoto changes colors as this wonderful season approaches. People notice the difference and even encounter different feelings these blossoms brings. We recommend taking a stroll early in the morning for wonderful fresh air and for a bright way to start your day. In this part of our feature article, we will be introducing a walking route through the eastern side of the city. Starting from the north-eastern part of Kyoto in the Ginkaku-ji Temple area, heading south through Path of Philosophy is a route to take a stroll in the morning. Walking from Path of Philosophy down to Keage Incline normally takes about 30 minutes. We suggest you look about 2 hours for the hike instead and give yourself enough time to sightsee and slowly enjoy the walk. A whole day can easily be spent in this area since there are so many places to visit. Going through this path is one of our most recommended ways to spend the cherry blossom season. We will be introducing below several spots to stop by on the way down the path. Breathe in the fresh spring air, take a stroll slowly down along the rivers, and see what Kyoto has to offer during this sensational season.
Stroll Down This Blossom Filled Path, Sidetracking Is Approved
Path Of Philosophy
(Best around early April) This is one of the popular spots in Kyoto and a wonderful path for a nice walk. The path runs along a canal and is 1.3 miles, or 2.3km, long. Cherry blossom trees beautifully lines the path creating a tunnel of blossoms over the canal. The name, Path of Philosophy, is in reflection of the story of Kitaro Nishida, a well-known philosopher who used to use the path for his daily walk. Path of Philosophy is a place where seasonal beauty can be witnessed. Many people gather to capture the beauty during spring and autumn season. The falling blossom petals into the canal after a full bloom are also a beautiful scene to witness. We recommend going there early in the morning for a relaxing walk.
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Nanzen-ji Temple
(Best around early April) Converted from a villa to a Zen temple, Nanzen-ji went through destructions and rebuilding throughout the years. Head over to the Sanmon gate, the grand gate of Nanzen-ji, to capture great photographs of historical structures and cherry trees. The structures of Nanzen-ji have strong presence, a must-see place in Eastern Kyoto. Many people visit this temple especially during the spring season.
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Keage Incline
(Best around early April)Keage Incline is a path alongside Lake Biwako Canal where old rail tracks still remain. Many people gather during the cherry blossom season for a relaxing walk with a magnificent view of around 90 Someiyoshino cherry trees. It’s also a great photo spot to capture the old rail tracks with blossoms filling the picture frame like a scene right off of a movie. The rail runs about 582 meters on a rocky road, so be sure to wear comfy shoes!

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