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Kyoto's delicious sandwiches & burgers
Part 3

Lovely Dessert Sandwiches! Kyoto’s Trendy, Colorful Fruit Sandwiches

What do you think of when you hear “sweet sandwiches”? Surely, they must mean jam and chocolate! Yet, in Japan, a “sweet sandwich” denotes white bread, whipped cream, and seasonal fruits. Just looking at the vibrant, dazzling colors inspires joy! The actual texture is like a sponge cake, while the fine, rich whipped cream adds a refreshing touch. Categorizing fruit sandwiches as a dessert cannot be more fitting. Next up, we’ll be introducing Kyoto’s extremely sought-after fruit sandwiches. For those of you who have a sweet tooth, start taking notes!
Fruit & Café Hosokawa
Fruit & Café Hosokawa
Hosokawa, located near Shimogamo Shrine, was founded during the Showa period. The store sells luxury fruits and has an attached café that serves various fruit-based desserts, such as sundaes and sandwiches.
colorful sandwiches
The colorful and visually pleasing fruit sandwiches are cut into large squares. Seasonal fruits are used: strawberries, kiwis, pineapples, etc. The acidity of these fruits perfectly balances out the thick whipped cream. Rather than thinking of it as eating a sandwich, think of it as if eating just fruit and you’ll enjoy the sandwich even more.
These vivid red mixed berries are absolutely drool-worthy! The generous portions are guaranteed to satisfy you. You can pair this sandwich with coffee or black tea for some leisurely afternoon teatime!
A short walk from the world-famous Hanamikoji Street in Gion, located on a small alley, you can find an interesting café called ZEN CAFÉ. This minimalist café is run by the famous wagashi (Japanese sweets) shop Kagizen Yoshifusa. You can have a relaxing break here with some wagashi and tea.
square sandwiches
Of course, Japanese fruit sandwich is also on the menu. The square strawberry sandwiches, served on a sushi platter, radiates an air of luxury and elegance. The toast is carefully selected, featuring the softest texture we have encountered so far. Though the portions are modest, every bite is so blissful and so satisfying.
In a quiet alley off Karasuma Street, which weaves through a forest of office buildings, is the bread shop “Annee”. Though the store is small, it is packed with a wide selection of freshly baked bread, making the vibe cozy and cute.
simple petite
Unlike the previous 3 stores, Annee’s fruit sandwiches are simple, petite, and adorable. The use of sour strawberries and kiwi is intended to bring out a refreshing, unburdened flavor. Their whipped cream is especially moist and light. If you don’t like the heaviness of regular whipped cream, Annee’s fruit sandwich will change your mind.
To visitors from abroad, especially Europe and the United States, fruit sandwiches may seem like a novelty. However, due to the careful selection of high quality fruits and the craftsmanship of expertly balancing the flavors of the fruit, whipped cream, and toast to create the perfect taste, these fruit sandwiches have become a bit hit! In addition to sandwiches, the hamburgers in Kyoto are in no way less notable. Next, let’s go taste some Kyo-burgers!

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