Jul. 13, 2017 UPDATE

The perfect dessert for a hot summer’s day!

On a hot summer’s day, probably almost every one of us wants to have some icy sweets like kakigori, shaved ice, or a parfait. There are many places in Kyoto in summer offering these sweets, from old and established tea houses to modern cafes. There are many kinds of sweets from the classic matcha flavor to chocolate and fruits. They not only look great, but also make you feel refreshingly cool.

In this article you can find out about what cafes and tea houses have the best tasting kakigori, or shaved ice, and parfaits. You can find out about the classics, but also about the newcomers popular among young people.

Time to head into the summer of Kyoto and have some cool and refreshing sweets!
Part 1Kyoto’s classic kakigori at famous teahouses
Kyoto’s hot summers call for some nice and cool kakigori, Japanese-style shaved ice. There are many traditional sweets cafes in Kyoto that have been in business for a long time, and in summer they start selling kakigori. The specialty of Kyoto is that here you can …
Part 2Popular and trendy kakigori in Kyoto!
In part one I told you about some very traditional kakigori, but in part two you will get to know about trendy kakigori popular among young people. All of these cafes are very refined with a nice atmosphere and the kakigori at these cafes look great in photos. You will find out about five kakigori …
Part 3If you want to have sweets in Kyoto, these are the places to go to: old and established tea houses with classic parfaits and sweets
If you come to Kyoto, most of you must want to eat matcha parfaits that contain such delicacies as red beans and roasted soy bean flour. These Japanese ingredients are something very Kyoto, something you very much have to try when you are here. There are many …
Part 4Cute parfaits you can have at new and trendy cafes!
In part 3 you got to learn about the classic parfait teahouses of Kyoto, but in part 4 we have some recently opened trendy cafes where you can enjoy some cool …

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