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The top two sacred places in Kyoto

Kurama & Kibune

When you set foot in the mountains, an invisible “aura” surrounds you, and you can feel your body fill with an indescribable energy. Kyoto has many places that are called spritual places, …morebut Kurama Temple and Kibune Shrine are in a class of their own.
Kurama Temple is in the Kurama mountains north of the Kyoto basin, and it is famous as the setting for the Noh play “Kurama Tengu.” This historical and mystical spot is depicted in many other books and poems, and it is still considered special today.
At Kifune Shrine, special dining platforms where visitors can enjoy Kyoto cooking and the refreshing natural scenery are built out over the river in summer, while in winter, it is specially lit up at night on days when it snows. This spot is recommended for being able to enjoy the beautiful seasonal scenery with your whole body.
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