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The peaceful countryside of Kyoto


Ohara is a very small rural area nestled between the mountains. Many people come here on holiday to the abundant nature and mountain temples and shrines in search of a comfort that is not available in the city and its …moresurroundings.
Sanzen-in Temple is particularly appealing all year round, with visitors coming from all over Japan to see over 1,000 blooming hydrangeas and bright green moss during the rainy season, the gorgeous view of red maple leaves in fall, and the snow-covered landscape in winter. If you stay in a minshuku guest house, you can interact with the kind and easygoing local people.
It takes about 1 hour to get to Ohara from central Kyoto by bus. It is recommended that you start off first thing in the morning, then spend the afternoon and the evening taking a leisurely stroll while you enjoy the temples and Kyoto-style cooking.
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