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See Kyoto from a local perspective with our extensive coverage of the temples, shrines, and cultural experiences in Kyoto!.

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Typhoon Jebi (Typhoon No. 21) hits kyoto!Please stay inside and ensure your safety.

Please stay tuned to the latest transportation.
Yumemi Sep. 04, 2018
Things to Do

Morning itinerary for Arashiyama with monkeys, temples, and burgers

Getting to Arashiyama early makes it easier for you to beat the crowds and enjoy the nature of this part of Kyoto even more
Sampo Aug. 24, 2018
Things to Do

Easy access! Close-to-stations spots where you can have fun indoors

Places where you can have fun experiences around 5-minutes away from the closest station!
Yumemi Jul. 25, 2018
Things to Do

Timewarp places in Kyoto: atmosphere like old days

The most classic and traditional city― that might be what you think of when hearing of “Kyoto.” That’s absolutely true, but not only that. Kyoto has many places making us feel quite nostalgic.
Chiemi Jul. 16, 2018
Things to Do

Kyoto how to: Half day itinerary to enjoy Arashiyama to the max!

Arashiyama is a great place to spend half the day, enjoying the Bamboo Grove and taking the exciting boat ride down the river called Hozugawa Kudari!
Vanessa Jul. 13, 2018
Things to Do

Best spots in Kyoto to enjoy nature away from the crowded city center

Let’s go enjoy nature at these beautiful spots away from the hustle and bustle of Kyoto’s city center!
Yumemi Jul. 02, 2018
Things to Do

Rainy season in Kyoto is still great for sightseeing! The best 5 spots in Kyoto for some rainy-day sightseeing fun!

Where to go in Kyoto when it’s the rainy season? These 5 spots in Kyoto are great even if it rains!
Vanessa Jun. 13, 2018
Things to Do

Temples to enjoy on a rainy day in Kyoto

Kyoto’s temples are even more beautiful when it rains! In this article, I’ll introduce some of my favorite temples.
Yumemi Jun. 12, 2018
Things to Do

A new classic for nightlife in Kyoto during your travels! Impressive entertainment by GEAR and Japanese avant-garde dance at Kyoto Butoh-kan

In this article, I will introduce GEAR and Kyoto Butoh-kan as a new nightlife recommendation for foreign travelers coming to Kyoto.
Sampo May. 22, 2018
Things to Do

Cycling in Kyoto! The best route for a fun day of bicycling in Kyoto

See a different kind, but equally beautiful, Kyoto from the saddle of a bicycle
Vanessa May. 16, 2018

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