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Autumn leaves in Arashiyama 2017, one villa and seven temples!

Autumn is maybe the most beautiful time of the year in Arashiyama, and we decided to celebrate this in 2017 by going to a villa and seven temples! Not to forget the Togetsu-kyo Bridge and Bamboo Grove!
Sampo Dec. 07, 2017
Things to Do

Hunt for the autumn leaves in Ohara in 2017

The autumn leaves of 2017 are turning to vivid colors of red and yellow, so of course we had to go see what Sanzen-in Temple looks like in autumn 2017!
Sampo Nov. 29, 2017
Things to Do

Mt. Ponpon in Takatsuki: Hiking from Osaka to Kyoto

Mt. Ponpon is located on the border of Kyoto and Osaka, so it’s a nice chance to actually walk from Osaka to Kyoto, or vice versa.
Sampo Oct. 26, 2017
Things to Do

5 Kyoto mysteries! Do you know them all?

When sightseeing in Kyoto, pay attention to your surroundings. You may notice some mysterious things!
Vanessa Oct. 24, 2017
Things to Do

A one-day pilgrimage to the fancy food and culture mecca of Kyoto, Okazaki!

Heian Shrine, museums, and food are all great in Okazaki, so come, let’s be cultural for a day and enjoy life in Kyoto!
Vanessa Sep. 25, 2017
Things to Do

Hop on the bus in Kyoto with the 500 yen One-day Pass!

With the One-day Pass you get to easily go most of the sightseeing spots in Kyoto for cheap!
Vanessa Sep. 13, 2017
Things to Do

Riding a bike down Kamo River and discovering the beauty of Kyoto again!

Cycling, running, picnicking, and hopping on turtle stepping stones by the Kamo River makes you almost feel like a real Kyotoite!
Vanessa Sep. 08, 2017
Things to Do

Only for readers of Sharing Kyoto! Joshin Special Discount Coupon

This discount coupon is valid only at the following stores : SUPER DenDen LAND, SUPER KIDS LAND Main Store, SUPER KIDS LAND Character Store, Nipponbashi 1 Bankan, J&P Techno Land, DISC PIER Nipponbashi Store.
Sampo Aug. 31, 2017
Things to Do

Pilgrimage to the three otaku havens of Kansai

This is a pilgrimage to the heartlands of otaku in Kansai: to Nipponbashi in Osaka, Teramachi in Kyoto, and San Center Plaza in Kobe.
Sampo Aug. 31, 2017
Things to Do

Top 20 cultural experiences you can have in Kyoto!

The absolute best cultural experiences in Kyoto chosen by Sharing Kyoto!
Erika Aug. 25, 2017

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