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Half-day itinerary for Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Many people may think they need to pay many additional fees to truly enjoy Toei Kyoto Studio Park, one of the best sightseeing spots in Kyoto, but actually, you can really enjoy the park with only the entrance fee!
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Toei Kyoto Studio Park is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Kyoto. Many people have probably been to the studio park already. There are many things you can enjoy inside the park, but many of them need an additional fee…

But! There are also attractions inside the park that do not require any fees, and you can join for free. From the great scenery to almost real shows, there are all kinds of things you can enjoy for free.

This time we have a half-day itinerary for Toei Kyoto Studio Park that you can enjoy with only the entrance fee.

This is Toei Kyoto Studio Park! 

Toei Kyoto Studio Park is a movie theme park in the Uzumasa area of Kyoto. The specialty of the park is that you get to see the movie sets that are used in real movies, and even walk in them. The townscape of Edo, present day Tokyo, is replicated in great detail, and you get to even walk on this movie set. 

Here you can see the park. It almost feels like you really went back in time to the Edo period of 400 years ago. 

At the studio park you also get to see real Toei actors walking around, and you can take pictures with them. Getting to take your picture with samurais and Japanese princesses must be something every Japanophile wishes to do. 

They also hold free events and shows regularly, so you definitely won’t get bored! Here you can see the samurai cinema show “Chanbara Tsujishinan.” The audience can also participate in the show after the main show ends, and get in on the action! 

In this article, you can find out about the best things to do at the park, all chosen by Sharing Kyoto writers after actually going there! We will tell you about three ways to enjoy the park. You can enjoy the park with just the entrance fee. So, everyone, it is time to head into the world of Japanese period drama at Toei Kyoto Studio Park! 

First walk around the park and take pictures! (Required time: around 1h 30 min.) 

We want to recommend going to Toei Kyoto Studio Park in the afternoon! You should get there by 1 p.m. 

The closest station to Toei Kyoto Studio Park is Randen Uzumasa-Koryuji Station. Randen, or Keifuku Electric Railway, connects Arashiyama with Shijo Omiya in downtown Kyoto. Arashiyama is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Kyoto, and if you go in the morning there won’t be as many people there, so you can spend the morning in Arashiyama, and then head to Toei Kyoto Studio Park. 

So, to Toei Kyoto Studio Park! Three spots you have to go to! 

After a 5-minute walk, we get to Toei Kyoto Studio Park. When you get to the park, you get to see this huge gate modeled after the one at the World Heritage Site Nijo Castle. 

After you get into the park, it is almost like you were thrown into a different time period. 

The park is vast, so the problem is where to go. So here you have three spots where you can take great pics! 

1Picture spot: tram on Meiji Street

After you get out of the Padios main building of the studio park, you get to see this tram on Meiji Street. This area represents the change of Japan toward modernity, and this tram can safely be said to be the symbol of that change. 

2Picture spot: Yoshiwara Street

Yoshiwara District was an officially recognized red lights district in Tokyo in the Edo period, and on this street you can feel like you were walking through that area. 

You can also go into the buildings on the street and take pictures! So you can take funny pictures like this. 

3Picture spot: Nihonbashi Bridge

Lastly, we have the Nihonbashi Bridge. This spot is on the south side of the park, some way down the road from Yoshiwara Street. 

The Nihonbashi Bridge is a great place to just take some pics, relax, and enjoy the Japan of the old. You won’t see a bridge like this often! 

2. Enjoy the shows by professional actors! (Required time: around 1h 30 min.) 

After you have looked around the park, how about you take a look at the masterful samurai action offered by the shows at Toei Kyoto Studio Park? 

At the park there are all kinds of shows, but here are the three we here at Sharing Kyoto want to recommend:

1Chanbara Tsujishinan

First, I would like to recommend this show, Chanbara Tsujishinan, where the audience gets to join in on the samurai action too. First, there is a samurai show, and after this the actors will let you join in on the show and actually tell you how you are supposed to act in a samurai movie. 

The place where this show is held is just by the Nihonbashi Bridge, and there are four shows in a day, so make sure that you get to enjoy this dynamic samurai action show when you are at Toei Kyoto Studio Park. 

2Clash of the ninja! Ninja action show Sasuke

Here you have a ninja action show with the famous ninjas Sarutobi Sasuke and Hattori Hanzo, with specials effects made possible by 3D mapping. 

You have to go see this show! The show takes around 20 minutes. 

3Cinema Studio Live!

Last we have a show where you get to see how the movies and period dramas are actually filmed, so in effect, you get to go backstage!

Getting to go backstage is something you can’t do every day. 

Time for sweets and shopping! (Required time: around 1h.) 

1Enjoy Toei Kyoto Studio Park’s classic Ninja Parfait! 

It can be tiring going around the park all day, so remember to take breaks too. And what better place to take a break than at the café Kahisakan! The Meiji retro feeling of this café is nice, and they have something special on their menu: ninja parfait! 

The parfait is made out of layers of matcha and vanilla ice cream, bite-sized pancakes, and topped with cherries and orange slices. And you get matcha soft serve on top of this all, making this a truly photogenic parfait! There is really a lot to eat in this parfait, so it is recommended for groups of 3-4 people. 

At Kahisakan they also have other menu items like sandwiches and pasta, so you won’t go hungry. The soft, hot omelet inside this sandwich is delicious! This café is not only a good place for a break, but also nice for lunch. 

2Souvenirs you can only get at Toei Kyoto Studio Park! 

After eating the ninja parfait, it’s time to end our half-day trip to the studio park by getting some souvenirs!

There are eight places at the park where you can buy souvenirs, and the biggest one of them is the Studio Market inside the Padios main hall. They sell such Kyoto classics as yatsuhashi and tsukemono, and all kinds of other souvenirs. 

But since you are at Toei Kyoto Studio Park, how about getting the park’s merchandise you can only get here? Like this smartphone strap with the studio park’s mascot character Kachinta on it! 

It has the logo of Toei Kyoto Studio Park on it and a cute expression, so it may be a good idea to buy a few of them to your friends and family back home. 

You can also, of course, get ninja and Shinsengumi souvenirs too. 

How did you enjoy this half-day itinerary at Toei Kyoto Studio Park? Maybe some of you thought that you couldn’t enjoy the studio park with just the entrance fee, but now you should know that you can! When in Kyoto, go to Toei Kyoto Studio Park! 

Extra: How can you enjoy Toei Kyoto Studio Park even more? 

Since you are at the studio park, how about enjoying it even more? For those of you who want to do just this, we have two ways to enjoy Toei Kyoto Studio Park even more! 

1Transform into historic figures with the Easy Plan! (4,500 yen)

With the Easy Plan you can change into such authentic Japanese historical figures as samurais and ninjas, and you even get to freely walk in the park for an hour. 

There is no make-up, no wigs, so with the help of the staff you get to change into the outfit of your choice in around 15 minutes! 

There are 11 types of costumes for adults, and 8 types for children over 110 cm. The best way to enjoy these delightful costumes is to take pictures at the photo spots you saw earlier in this article. 

*Note that you cannot walk outside in case of rain. 

2Enjoy the attractions! (300 yen and up)

The second way to enjoy the studio park even more is to go to the many attractions you can go for a small additional fee. Here you have some of the attractions, so if you find something you like, consider going to it! 

SWORD ‘N GO attraction opened just in March 2017. This attraction combines swords with an obstacle course in a new and exciting way. 

Inside the place is like a maze, and you go forward swinging your katana sword and by dodging obstacles. The plastic sword is safe for even little kids to use. The ticket prices are very reasonable at 500 yen for adults and 400 yen for children. 

Next, the Shuriken throwing star dojo! At this dojo, like the many other attractions at the studio park, you get to do something very special: you get to throw throwing stars! Real throwing stars at that! 

There is an instructor who will tell you how to throw the stars, and you get prices if you hit the targets. 

One of Sharing Kyoto’s writers tried this, and although it was her first time throwing throwing starts, she hit two targets! Adults get eight throwing stars for 500 yen and children get five plastic throwing stars for 300 yen. I personally want to recommend this attraction.

You can also get a set of four tickets for a cheaper price. These tickets are great for those who want to go to many attractions that require an additional fee, but notice that you can’t use these tickets at the Shuriken throwing star dojo. These tickets cost 1,600 yen for adults, and 1,200 yen for children, both for four tickets. 

So you save 400 yen by buying this ticket set! You can also get these tickets and share them with friends, so I recommend buying just the right amount of tickets you need! 

Sharing Kyoto can with confidence recommend Toei Kyoto Studio Park and especially the half-day itinerary to everyone. 

Toei Kyoto Studio Park is full of great things to do and try, and I heartily want to recommend the park to everyone coming to Kyoto! 

TOEI Kyoto Studio Park

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I was really surprised by just how authentic and real the studio park was! You can enjoy things you normally couldn’t even dream of doing, and the place is great for families, but you shouldn’t forget about the picturesque sights you get to see at the park too, making it great for dates and just going sightseeing with your friends.
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