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A spiritual touchstone for neighbors

Shimogamo Shrine & Kitayama

The vast 12-hectare forest surrounding Shimogamo Shrine is called Tadasu no Mori, and it was depicted in the Tale of Genji, written in 1008. The forest has survived since the 3rd century B.C., and many local people still …morecome here to relax today. It is also frequently the site of cultural events, such as a major secondhand book fair held every summer.
In the area north of the shrine, called the Kitayama area, there are many relaxing spots, including Kyoto Botanical Garden, which is planted with around 120,000 plants; Nakaragi no Michi, which becomes a beautiful tunnel of cherry blossoms in spring; and the banks of the Kamo River, which are a symbol of Kyoto.
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