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Let time pass you by in silence

Shisendo Temple & Ichijoji

When you visit the famous Shisendo Temple on the quiet outskirts of the city, it is so peaceful that you might forget about the passage of time altogether.
Ichijoji is located about 15 minutes from …morethis small temple on foot, and it is actually a quite entertaining area, with a wide variety of things to do.
In addition to Keibunsha Ichijoji, which was selected by the Guardian newspaper for The World’s 10 best bookshops in 2010, there is a wide array of owner-operated cafes and shops of all kinds, and it is frequented by those with discerning tastes. The Hyakumanben Handicrafts Fair is held at Chionji Temple on the 15th of every month, and it is a symbol of the area.
Kyoto is a student town, and Ichijoji has an especially high student population, so it is also famous as a hotspot for ramen.
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