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From small traditional shops selling foldable fans to huge new department stores, Kyoto has it all.


5 colorful spring sweets you just have to buy in Kyoto

There are many traditional sweets shops in Kyoto with over 100 years of history. I chose five spring sweets that color Kyoto in vibrant shades of springtide that you just have to try.
Shiho Feb. 23, 2018

Where can you buy sake in Kyoto? The 6 best sake shops with the most Japanese atmosphere!

There are many types of sake you can get in Kyoto, but here are six sake shops we especially like in Kyoto!
Vanessa Feb. 15, 2018

The 7 best snacks you can have in Kyoto while sightseeing!

By getting some snacks in Kyoto, you can eat without wasting any sightseeing time! The most Instalicious treats in Kyoto!
Vanessa Feb. 06, 2018

The best spices you can only buy in Kyoto, from shichimi to dashi

There are some excellent spices you can get in Kyoto, like shichimi, ichimi, and Japanese pepper, but that’s not all! The 6 best spice shops in Kyoto.
Sampo Jan. 19, 2018

The top 10 most popular shops on Sharing Kyoto in 2017!

We are going to announce the most popular shops on Sharing Kyoto in 2017! Time for a shopping spree in Kyoto!
Vanessa Jan. 18, 2018

Five shops in Kyoto offering interesting tsukemono pickles

When shopping in Kyoto, one of the best parts is getting to taste different tsukemono. There are so many vegetables that you can get pickled in Kyoto, from daikon to apples, that this ancient city could be said to be the capital of pickles.
Sampo Jan. 05, 2018

Kyoto is not only sightseeing! Top 5 shopping centers in Kyoto for the shopaholic!

There is so much more to do and shop in Kyoto than just temples and shrines, so let me take you on a shopping spree in the old capital!
Vanessa Dec. 21, 2017

For those into stationery: the top 5 stationery stores in Kyoto!

Besides matcha sweets, Kyoto is also a place where you can get all kinds of nice postcards, bookmarks, and other things made out of Japanese paper, so those into stationery have to come to this ancient capital!
Vanessa Dec. 19, 2017

Five carefully selected Japanese kitchenware stores in Kyoto

There is something addictive about Japanese cutlery and other kitchenware. And when you add the traditional feel of Kyoto to them, you have something really interesting in your hands.
Vanessa Dec. 08, 2017

Buying a cheap kimono in Kyoto

Where can you buy a nice, good quality used kimono in Kyoto? Read all about kimonos in Kyoto here!
Sampo Oct. 20, 2017

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