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Satisfying coffee time before heading to your next destination


Inside the ticket gate of JR Shinkansen at Kyoto Station, there are several shops and eateries inside. If you have some time to spare, how about satisfying your stomach before your trip? At Café KOTO, coffee is prepared by siphon. It’s not your ordinary morning coffee (unless your daily coffee is made by a siphon). A skilled siphonist prepares the coffee for you to have a wonderful café time before heading to your next destination. Café KOTO offers delicious breakfast meals (served from 7am to 1...more0am), sandwiches, coffee, tea, and roast beef carpaccio, which will be great with wine; both are available from 10 am.
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Enjoy special coffee made by siphon by a siphonist right inside the JR Shinkansen ticket gate. I saw many satisfied tourists as they leave after enjoying a cup of tea and snacking on things like sandwiches. It was amazing to see the coffee action by the counter with all those bubbling siphons.
At the counter, you will be able to see how they make the coffee using siphons. It reminded me of the chemistry class in elementary school. I felt comfort when I heard the staff say "Ookini", a kansai dialect for "arigato", or "thank you".
Tanba Dinagon Red Beans With Toast (drink set)
1Must Eat !
Tanba Dainagon Red Beans With Toast (drink set) / ¥790
A great set for a sweet coffee break. Try Kyoto’s Tanba Dainagon Red Bean Paste (Jam) with buttery toast with some whipped cream. These are high quality red beans from region of Kyoto famously known for cultivation of red beans. Perfectly tasty on buttered toast and light whipped cream. Choose a drink from the list such as coffee, tea, or juice.
Koto Blend Coffee
2Must Eat !
Koto Blend Coffee / ¥480
Koto blend consists of the following coffee beans: 20% Colombian, 40% Brazilian, and 40% Mandheling. It has a good balance of acidity and bitterness, a taste any coffee lover will love. Also available to-go, it will be served quickly, especially great for those trying to catch the next Shinkansen train.
Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich with Toast
3Let's Try !
Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich with Toast / ¥800
Get on the Shinkansen train with a full stomach by taking on the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich at Café KOTO. Great balance of sauce and juiciness of the chicken makes it a great sandwich. The sandwich bread is lightly toasted and the bread itself is tasty. Sandwich is served with side of fries making it a perfect plate.
How to Order & Eat
Cafe KOTO How to order & eatEnglish is written on the regular menu.

Breakfast is available from 7am to 10am. Some items are available for takeout such as coffee, green tea latte, iced tea, petite cake in a cup, and beef sandwich.
- Order Tips -
For the Tanba Dainagon Red Beans with Toast (Drink Set), if you want a drink other than the one in the choices from the drink list, tell the staff when you order it. Other drinks can be included in the set with adjustment on the price. (¥520 + drink price)
Cafe KOTO Interior Photo
Counter seats
Interior Photo Cafe KOTO
Siphon coffee maker
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Categories Cafe
Phone +81 75-692-2203
Address Asty (inside JR Shinkansen ticket gate), Kyoto Station Hachijo-guchi, 8-3, Higashishiokoji Takakuracho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Directions In Asty (inside JR Shinkansen ticket gate), just near the Hachijo-guchi exit in Kyoto Station.
Hours 7am - 9pm (L.O. 8:30pm)
Reservations Not accepted
Closed Open everyday
Notes Located inside the JR Shinkansen ticket gate.
Price range
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Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc.
Good for Solo, With Friends, Families with Children
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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English and pictures on the menu
Menu English
Languages spoken Japanese, basic English
Number of seats 57 seats
Private dining rooms None
Non smoking / smoking Non Smoking
Cafe KOTO +81 75-692-2203 3/3

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