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Sweet Saikyo-zuke dish with a nice view from the 11th floor

Eiju-an Kyoto Station Building

/ 栄寿庵
Located in Kyoto Station Building, this restaurant offers traditional fish dishes. Their popular main dish is called “Saikyo-zuke” set, the fish or pork marinated in sweet Kyoto style miso. Saikyo miso is mainly used in the Kansai area, the south part of Japan, and has a sweet taste whereas regular miso used in the Kanto region such as Tokyo, Chiba and Saitama has more salty taste. This sweet Saikyo miso goes very well with fish such as Spanish mackerel, cod and yellowtail.

Since this restaur...moreant is on the 11th floor, there is an open view toward the Hachijo-guchi area which is the opposite side of the main Kyoto Station area where the Kyoto Tower is located. You can look out over Toji Temple from this restaurant and all the train lines are just in front of you. Therefore, you may enjoy both the fine taste of sweet Saikyo-zuke dish and the nice view at the same time!
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I surely enjoyed the sweet Saikyo-zuke pork set as it was very soft and juicy. Since there are various kinds of Saikyo-zuke set selections, you may find the one you would like to try! Staff in this restaurant are very kind and friendly, so you may also be satisfied by their service. I highly recommend that you order the fruit sorbet for a dessert as it is very fresh and comes with fried Yuba, tofu skin, coated with sugar. Please enjoy the nice view from the 11th floor!
“Saikyo-zuke”, fish pickled in sweet Kyoto style miso, is one of the most famous dish in Kyoto and local people often eat it. What is great about this restaurant is that not only fish but you can also choose “Saikyo-zuke” meat! Side dishes are also well seasoned and well selected ingredients are chosen. We were very fortunate that we could have a window seat so that we could look out over the scenery of the Kyoto station.
Eiju-an Gozen
1Must Eat !
“Eiju-an Gozen”, the set menu of restaurant’s special / ¥1,980(tax included)
If you visit Eiju-an, we highly recommend that you order this special set menu as you may enjoy the various kinds of small dishes specialized in Kyoto. The main fish was a Spanish mackerel marinated in sweet Kyoto style miso called “Saikyo-zuke”. It is very soft and juicy that goes well with other vegetables seasoned relatively light. As this set menu come with 7 kinds of small dishes and miso soup, you may be satisfied by both its fine taste and the volume of this set.
Saikyo-zuke set
2Must Eat !
“Saikyo-zuke set”, the set menu of main dish pickled in sweet Kyoto style miso / ¥2,000
If you order this set menu, you can choose your favorite main dish among 3 selections such as alfonsino fish, pork and sea bream fish. This time, we have ordered pork marinated in sweet Kyoto style miso called Saikyo-zuke. It is well pickled and Saikyo-miso makes this pork even sweeter. This set comes with an omelet, small dish, pickles and miso soup. Our favorite aside from the Saikyo-zuke pork is an omelet as this soft and sweet taste made this set menu tastier.
Raw egg produced in Miyama, Kyoto as a topping
3Let's Try !
Raw egg produced in Miyama, Kyoto as a topping / ¥200
If you don’t mind eating raw egg as a topping on rice, we suggest that you try one this time with your set menu! This egg was produced in Miyama, Kyoto where is abundant with natural surroundings. It comes with a special soy sauce which goes very well with this raw egg putting on the rice. Raw egg makes the rice milder and surprisingly goes well with any main dish.
Apple sorbet with fried Yuba, the tofu skin, coated with sugar
4Let's Try !
Apple sorbet with fried Yuba, the tofu skin, coated with sugar / ¥650
Look at this beautiful dessert! The taste of the sorbet changes every season and it was a fresh apple taste this time of season. Fried Yuba, the tofu skin, coated with sugar was crispy and best matches with fresh and cold apple sorbet. As there are many pieces of apple sorbet, you can share it with two people. We recommend that you taste it after having the set menu.
How to Order & Eat
menu_eijuanEnglish menu is written under the Japanese menu. As pictures of each dish are shown next to each menu, it is easy to order and imagine what kinds of dish they offer. As suggested, we recommend that you order a raw egg as a topping on the rice as it makes the rice even tastier.
- Order Tips -
If you have a seat at the counter seats, you can look at chef cooking each dish. As the fruit of sorbet changes every season, please ask the staff what they offer at that time.
Eiju-an Kyoto Station Building
Categories Casual Style Washoku
Phone +81 75-343-8108
Address 11th floor, Kyoto st. building "The CUBE", 901, Higashi shiokoji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city 〒600-8216 
Directions 5 minutes walk from JR Kyoto Station
Hours 11:00am - 10:00pm
Reservations Not accepted
Closed None
Price range
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Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX
Good for With Friends, Families with Children
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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As English menu is written under Japanese menu, it is easy to order and imagine what they offer. Staff are all nice and kinds, so please ask any questions regarding the ingredients, additional toppings and so forth
Menu English menu is written under the Japanese menu
Languages spoken Conversation level English
Number of seats 20 seats
Private dining rooms None
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking
Eiju-an Kyoto Station Building +81 75-343-8108 2/3

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