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Plenty of vegetable in gyoza is suitable for healthy women

Gyozadokoro Takatsuji SUKEMASA

/ ぎょうざ処 高辻 亮昌
Gyozadokoro Takatsuji SUKEMASA
Gyoza is a fried dumpling. Inside of gyoza is pork and plenty of vegetables, and it goes well with vinegar, soy souse and chili oil. Ingredients of Sukemasa gyoza are almost come from Kyoto. In addition to that it is not cooked with Chinese seasonings, so has a natural flavor. Restaurant has a comfortable atmosphere, and you will be greeted with warm smile. Please spent your own relax time while watching the TV. Take out is also available, you can take it out and enjoy in your hotel after sights...moreeeing.
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What I was surprised the most is that garlic smell is low. We can enjoy gyoza without worrying about a garlic smell. And Sukemasa has outside seats. I would like to visit again during the summer season. It looks like a beer garden atmosphere
Sometime, I was drinking a ramune when I was a child, and I remember some memories about ramune. When I was a child, I was trying to open the lid in order to get rid of a cute marble, but could not do that. Lid is closed firmly for our safety. Please enjoy the sound that marble hits to glass bottle !
1Must Eat !
Gyoza / ¥320
It is a really big size, but inside is almost vegetable, so you can eat easily. Since garlic smell is weak, it is good for lady. You can taste natural flavor of vegetable and pork. It goes well with vinegar soy sauce.
2Must Eat !
Gyoza set / ¥750
Valuable gyoza set has 12 pieces of gyoza, rice, miso soup and pickles. You can eat 2 serving gyoza with 1 serving price ! Rice and miso soup goes well with gyoza, and sower pickles makes you refresh.
3Let's Try !
Ramune / ¥260
Ramune is a sweet sparkling drink. You can purchase it in Japanese festival or traditional snack shop.
Cool marble is in the bottle. Smoothness through the throat and hot dumpling are best combination. The dent of the bottle side helps you drink easily. Please put marble on dent before drink
Chili oil & Black Shichimi
4Let's Try !
Chili oil & Black Shichimi / Free
This is a seasoning for gyoza. Chili oil has kelp to increase flavor. Since spicy level is low you can enjoy various  type of taste by seasoning even if you don't like spicy taste. Pictured on the right is the seven-spice blend seasoning.
How to Order & Eat
How to Order & Eat Gyozadokoro Takatsuji SUKEMASA English menu is available. Restaurant opens not only lunch time but also dinner time.
- Order Tips -
Gyoza set includes two servings of gyoza, even though rice, miso soup and pickled vegetables are for one person
Gyozadokoro Takatsuji SUKEMASA Appearance Photo
Gyozadokoro Takatsuji SUKEMASA
Categories Gyoza
Phone +81 75‐201-6175
Address 263, Horinochicho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 600-8446
Directions 8-minute walk from Subway Shijo Stn. (Exit 6)
Hours Weekdays 11:30am - 14pm(L.O.) | 17pm - 22pm(L.O.)
Sat/Sun/holidays 11:30am - 22pm(L.O.)
Reservations No
Closed Irregular holidays
Price range
  • ★
  • ☆
  • ☆
- ¥1,000
Credit cards No
Good for Solo, With Friends
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
  • ●
  • ●
  • ○
English Menu is available and it is very casual restaurant. You can enjoy gyoza while relaxing in a comfortable atmosphere
Menu English
Languages spoken Japanese only
Number of seats 38 seats
Private dining rooms Nothing
Non smoking / smoking Separate areas for smokers and non-smokers.
Gyozadokoro Takatsuji SUKEMASA +81 75‐201-6175 - ¥1,000 2/3

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