Specializing in Soba for over 550 years in Kyoto

Honke Owariya - main branch

/ 本家尾張屋 本店
Honke Owariya
Soba, or buckwheat, have been the key ingredient that held Owariya for over 550 years. Started as a confectionery shop, Owariya is currently run by the 16th generation owner who is also a professional photographer. Often the shop is seen with lines of customers outside, many including visitors from abroad trying to get a taste of this famous soba. Try either hot or cold soba at this long-standing soba shop.
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The shop has over 550 years of history! The broth used for hot soba and the noodles were simply delicious. The interior of this restaurant is very Japanese-like and most likely, you will be seated up stairs where there are about 80 seats.
Horai soba with toppings displaying variety of colors is really amazing! You can eat soba with 8 toppings such as shrimp tempura, white sesame, and more. I personally recommend that you eat with shiitake mushroom! It is cooked with soy sauce so that it has more of a strong taste. At first, since it looks a large amount, you would think that it is too big of a portion. However,
you its likely that you will eat it up quickly ! Please enjoy your meal at this restaurant with Japanese traditional am...morebiance.
Horai Soba
1Must Eat !
Horai Soba / ¥2,160
5-plate tower of soba is served along with sides of toppings including shrimp tempura, wasabi, sesame seeds, shiitake mushrooms, sliced egg omelet, seaweed, green onion, and grated daikon radish. Top each plate of soba with different toppings with the broth over them to have medley of different flavors and textures. Eating this dish is a very enjoyable way to have cold soba and is one of their popular items on the menu.
Tempura Soba
2Must Eat !
Tempura Soba / ¥1,620
Tempura and soba is always a great combination. Soba noodles are in hot flavorful broth also great topped with some green onions which come on the side. The tempura comes on the side as well so even those who do not prefer to have it already in the broth can still enjoy.
3Let's Try !
Soba-gashi / ¥216
The round confectionery made with soba flour is named “soba mochi” which was created by the shop’s 13th generation owner. Although it does not have mochi, or pounded sticky rice, it has the shape in which people referred to it as “mochi”. Sweet red bean paste is wrapped in outer cake part and topped with sesame seeds, a sweet treat to have for snack of dessert. The flat crackers are also made with soba flour and sesame seeds with a unique sweet taste.
How to Order & Eat
how to eat & order 1 honke owariya

how to eat & order 1 honke owariya

how to eat & order 1 honke owariyaAsk for the English menu if needed.
- Order Tips -
There are many choices on the menu. First, decide whether you want a hot or cold soba. Check out their website to see the menu and pictures of the dishes.
interior honke owariya
appearance photo honke owariya
Honke Owariya - main branch
Categories Soba & Udon
Phone +81 75-231-3446
Address 322 Niomon Tsukinuke-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi 604-0841
Directions 5-minute walk from Kyoto Subway Karasuma-line Karasuma Oike Station
Hours 11am - 7pm (last order at 6:30pm)
Shop opens at 9am for confectionery purchases only.
Reservations Not accepted
Closed Only on Jan. 1st and 2nd
Notes As it is a popular soba shop, you may have to line up to be seated during busy times.
Price range
  • ★
  • ★
  • ☆
Noodles are from ¥756 ~ ¥3,024
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc.
Good for Romantic, With Friends
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
  • ●
  • ●
  • ●
Many visitors from overseas
Menu Japanese, English
Languages spoken Japanese, some English
Number of seats 94 seats
Private dining rooms None
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking
Honke Owariya - main branch +81 75-231-3446 Noodles are from ¥756 ~ ¥3,024 -1/3

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