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Hyakushokuya Sukiyaki Senka

- 佰食屋 すき焼き専科 -
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Valuable Sukiyaki limited to 100 dishes per day
Hyakushokuya Sukiyaki-senka is offering the traditional Japanese Nabe (hot pot), Sukiyaki at the 2-stories Kyoto-style townhouse. There are 3 main dishes and several optional side dishes are available. Basically, when Japanese people eat Sukiyaki and other Nabe, we all pick food from the same pan, but the restaurant serves its sukiyaki for each person. So you can eat it as you like! An entrance ticket that a staff starts providing from at 9:30am in front of the restaurant is required to eat. It is possible that the tickets will be left when you come around lunch time, but you should wait for about 2hous or so or You won’t eat because they have only 100 sukiyaki dishes served for a day. The restaurant is located near the Gion area so that we highly recommend you to visit and take a number at 9:30pm and go sightseeing to the Gion area meanwhile the time goes.
The Sukiyaki set menu
The Sukiyaki set menu / ¥1,100(+tax)
It is the most popular menu in the restaurant! It includes rice, vinegared vegetables, and raw egg. If you don’t like eating raw egg, try to put it in a pot and heat with juicy beef and some vegetables. After ingredients are cooked in the pot, please start having! They have optional services for a big eater. One of them are the beef in your pot can be doubled for 700. Let’s challenge!
The cut steak set menu
The cut steak set menu / ¥1,300(+tax)
It is only 20 dishes are served for a day. Thick cut steaks are on the hot plate looks so delicious! The steak its itself is tasty, but try to dip on 3 kinds of sauce such as soy sauce, citron pepper, and special steak sauce. Please tell a staff the time when you would like to eat is at 11am so that you will be able to order before it is sold out!
Crisp fat of beef
3Let's Try!
Crisp fat of beef / ¥100(+tax)
One of the optional menus they have. Fat of beef is cooked to be crispy. Why don’t you put in on rice with a special soy sauce and a mixing? It is so delicious like a fried rice!
How to Order

The Sukiyaki will be served in the middle of being cooked. Please start eating after the beef is completely cooked.

- Order Tips -
There are folks and knives on the table. Feel free to use them
3.5 food3.8 service3.3 atmosphere3.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.7 food4.0 service3.5 atmosphere3.5
This is one of the restaurants that I was long interested in. Sukiyaki is my favorite nabe. So I really enjoyed. I tried putting raw egg and fat of beef over the rice. It was so fantastic that I was really into it! There is another nabe with miso taste. I am planning to visit again to enjoy it!
3.3 food3.5 service3.0 atmosphere3.5
This is the Sukiyaki restaurant where you can enjoy at homely surroundings. I advise you that raw egg should mix well. I highly recommend you to eat the cut steak that is rare!
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Hyakushokuya Sukiyaki Senka / 佰食屋 すき焼き専科
Category Sukiyaki / Shabushabu, Wagyu / Steak
Phone +81 75-361-2900
Address 187, Sendocho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 600-8019
Directions 1-minute walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Stn. (Exit 1)
Open Hours 11am - 3:30pm (L.O.3pm) *As soon as 100 meals are sold out, we close our store.
Reservations No
Closed Thursday
Notes They provides the entrance tickets from at 9:30. You can choose what time you want to eat and take the tickets for 4 person even if you are just only in a queue.
Price range
Credit cards Not accepted
Good for Solo, With Friends
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
English, Korean menus are available.
Menu English, Korean
Lanuages spoken English, Korean
Number of seats 32 seats
Private dining rooms Nothing
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking

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