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Kaikado Cafe

- 開化堂カフェ -
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Kaikado Cafe: a cafe produced by a historic tea caddy shop where customers can enjoy Kyoto traditional crafts
Kaikado is Japan’s oldest shop selling tea caddies, the containers that are used to store tea leaves. The company opened Kaikado Cafe so that more people can use the traditional crafts that are the pride of Kyoto. The cafe serves items such as tea, coffee, and a piece of cheese cake on handmade tableware that has been produced in cooperation with well-known traditional craftsmen from Kyoto. If you order iced coffee, Kaikado will serve your drink in a cup that has been created especially for the cafe in the image of a tea caddy. In addition, the wooden plates used to serve cheese cakes are an original design from the famous Japanese wooden bucket maker Nakagawa-mokkougei. Lovers of traditional crafts are going to go wild about this cafe. The cafe’s commitment to details also extends to the menu, which has been created in collaboration with popular businesses not only in Kyoto, but also Tokyo and London. For example, the teas are made using tea leaves sourced from Postcard Teas, a tea specialty shop located in London. It is so worth having a cup of tea in Kaikado cafe because the cafe serves the same taste of tea as the shop in London. Another feature of the cafe is that the tea caddies that symbolize Kaikado and the tableware used in the cafe are all for sale. With a relaxed interior and the opportunity to enjoy the skills of craftsmen with the hands, the eyes, and the tongue, Kaikado cafe can be considered one of Kyoto’s tourists spots.
Cheese Garden Cheese cake
Cheese Garden Cheese cake / ¥500
The cafe’s cheese cake is created to resemble the shape of a tea caddy. The cheese cake has been specially ordered from Cheese Garden, a popular cheese cake shop opening stores mainly in the Kanto area. Cheese Garden cheese cakes feature an irresistible crispy textured graham cracker base under a smooth, rare cheese cake. You will definitely want to enjoy the rich taste of this cheese together with a cup of tea or coffee.
Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee / ¥750
Kaikado Cafe’s iced coffee is made using coffee beans from Nakagawa Wani Coffee, a cafe popular among Japanese coffee lovers. It is served in a cup that was developed for the opening of the cafe by Kaikado. The design, which is based on a tea caddy, offers the chance to touch a new work made in a traditional craft tradition. The fragrant coffee aroma that wafts over the moment you enter the cafe is sure to make you want to order a coffee. Hot coffee is also available.
Three types of teas from Postcard Teas
3Let's Try!
Three types of teas from Postcard Teas / All ¥700
The London specialty tea shop Postcard Teas has provided three types of teas for Kaikado Cafe: the classic and very palatable English Breakfast Tea, Earl Gray with Lemon Oil, which features a refreshing aftertaste, and Supernatural (Japanese Green & Black Tea), a blend of English black tea and Japanese green tea leaves. After just one sip you’ll notice the faint fragrance of Japanese tea. The cafe’s teas are created according to recipes direct from the owner(s) of Postcard Teas and will make you feel just like you’re in the UK.
Kaikado tea caddy with Postcard Teas
4Let's Try!
Kaikado tea caddy with Postcard Teas / ¥ 12,000 -
Kaikado tea caddies come in tin, brass, and copper. Produced as a collaborative product with Postcard Teas, a tea specialty shop located in London, the caddies are engraved with Postcard Teas’ cute logo. Remove the caddy lid and the Postcard Teas teapot logo also looks as if its lid has been removed. Because these caddies seal tightly, they can also be used as containers for storing pasta or sweets–not just for leaves. Handle your caddy each day, and you can also enjoy watching it change the color of it beautifully year by year. Just be careful to avoid washing your caddy in water. Caddies come in two sizes: 120 g and 200 g.
How to Order
All products are labeled in English, which is reassuring for foreign guests. Other drinks, such as apple juice, orange juice, and even beer are also available.
- Order Tips -
Orders can also be placed in English. The cup used to serve the free glass of water after you have found yourself a seat is also a handmade Kaikado product.
3.8 food4.0 service3.5 atmosphere4.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.8 food4.0 service3.5 atmosphere4.0
This café is run by the tea caddy specialty store of Kaikado, and already the exterior of this café is interesting. The ceiling of the café is so high it almost reaches the skies, and the huge glass panels in front of the café give you a perfect view of the street in front of it. Inside the cafe they also sell tea caddies, and the atmosphere is elegant and chic. Their famous cheese-egg sandwich has a mild taste, and it goes great with their pour over coffee.
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Kaikado Cafe / 開化堂カフェ
Category Cafes
Phone +81 75-353-5668
Address 352 Sumiyoshicho, Kawaramachi Shichijo, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Directions ・5 minute-walk from Keihan Shichijo Stn.
Open Hours 10:30am - 7pm (Enter by 6:30pm)
Reservations Not accepted
Closed Thursday and 1st Wednesday from September in 2016
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, AMEX / Accepted
Good for Solo, Romantic, With Friends
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
All items on the menu are written in English and 2 members of staff are English speakers (not always there). Their polite service also offers the opportunity to experience Japanese hospitality.
Menu Japanese, and English
Lanuages spoken Japanese, English (not always there), and Chinese
Number of seats 40 seats
Private dining rooms None
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking

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