Freshly grilled and fragrant! Mitarashi-dango with sweet sauce

Kamo Mitarashi chaya

/ 加茂みたらし茶屋
Kamo Mitarashi chaya
This store is located near Shimogamo Shrine, and is believed to be the originator of mitarashi-dango, a standard of wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets). The dango are grilled to order, so they are very fragrant. They have a springy texture. The dango are covered with plenty of sweet sauce made with brown sugar, and are nice and bite-sized.
They are also available for takeout.
Stop by when you visit Shimogamo Shrine.
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Mitarashi-dango are easy to eat in terms of both flavor and size, so it’s easy to keep eating!
It gets very crowded when there is an event at Shimogamo Shrine!
Use the spoon to put lots of sauce on the mitarashi-dango before eating!
1Must Eat !
Mitarashi-Dango / 3 pieces ¥420
This is the standard menu item. If you use the toothpicks to separate the dango from the skewer, the dango become easier to eat and they also become easier to share among a number of people. The five pieces of dango skewered together represent the human body.
The slightly separated dango on the end represents the head, and is said to ward off evil.
2Must Eat !
Isomaki / ¥620
Mochi grilled with fragrant soy sauce are wrapped in nori (dried seaweed). The fragrance of soy sauce and nori spreads throughout your mouth. Recommended for those who want to satisfy an empty stomach.
3Let's Try !
Takeout(Mitarashi-Dango) / 5 pieces ¥590│10 pieces ¥1,180│15 pieces ¥1,770
You can purchase takeout for a lower price than eating in the store. Recommended for those who would like to walk around while eating or to eat back at the hotel. Best when eaten the same day.
Eat on the outdoor seats
4Let's Try !
Eat on the outdoor seats
When the weather is nice, you can eat on the outdoor seats located by the store.
The space has an open feeling. Because these are popular seats and there are few seats, they get taken up quickly. There is a higher chance of getting a seat if you go early.
How to Order & Eat
Kamo Mitarashi chaya How to Order & EatThe staff can explain things in simple English. If you go late, there is a possibility that items will have sold out. Visit earlier in the day if you can.
- Order Tips -
・There is a rule that each person must order at least one item.
・Note that in addition to mitarashi-dango, there are other items such as seasonal limited-time sweets.
Kamo Mitarashi chaya Appearance Photo
Kamo Mitarashi chaya
Categories Wagashi(Japanese Sweets)
Phone +81 75-791-1652
Address 53, Shimogamo Matsunokicho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 606-0816
Directions From JR Kyoto Station, take the city bus line 205 toward Shijo Kawaramachi Kitaoji Bus Terminal and get off at Shimogamo Jinja-mae. (30 min.)
Hours 9:30 ~ 20:00 (L.O.19:30)
Reservations Not accepted
Closed Wednesday (Open if it is a holiday)
Notes Weekends and holidays are busy all day, and there is often a wait.
Price range
  • ★
  • ☆
  • ☆
Credit cards Not accepted
Good for With Friends, Families with Children
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
  • ●
  • ○
  • ○
No English menu.
Menu Japanese only
Languages spoken Japanese only
Number of seats 30 seats
Private dining rooms Nothing
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking
Kamo Mitarashi chaya +81 75-791-1652 ~¥1,000 1/3

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