Enjoy healthy dishes with handmade tableware right next to Kamo River


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Located right next to Kamo River, this cafe offers nutritious dishes by using seasonal vegetables mainly taken in Kyoto. What is different from other restaurant/ cafe is that all the tableware is made by staff in Kamogama as pottery workshop is on the 1st floor. Some of the dishes are cooked based on the concept of Macrobiotic that was originally devised by Yukikazu Sakurazawa who was a food specialist before and after the Second World War. Its approach is to take brown rice, organic vegetables ...moreand seaweeds, and to avoid products from animals and chemical seasonings. Some other dishes are for vegetarians and for those who are health-conscious. All food in Kamogama is very delicious and nutritious, and you may enjoy the sweet flavor of vegetables as well as the relaxing atmosphere by feeling the soft sunlight and warmth of wooden furniture.
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Average: ★★★★★3.3
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I absolutely loved the relaxing atmosphere in this cafe! I enjoyed keema curry as it was not too spicy and various kinds of beans were mixed well with ground chicken and vegetables. Families with children are welcomed as carefully chosen ingredients are used and there is a space to put strollers. In spring, you can enjoy gorgeous cherry blossom right in front of the terrace seats. Please note that it is usually crowded during lunch time and also during the cherry blossom season. Since Kamogama i...mores very close to Kamigamo Shrine, please drop by when you visit there!
Honey colored outer wall had shot my heart before I came in the restaurant. It reminded me when I went to Bath in the U.K where is a lot of old building which is called honey colored town. I totally love getting ceramic art dishes so it is not only meal especially keema curry is really my type of taste, but also dishes make me happier. Vegetable cake is so natural taste which is suitable for a cup of coffee. They are provided morning menu. I definitely come here again nowadays to have it.
Lunch of the week
1Must Eat !
Lunch of the week / ¥980
This week’s special was mackerel fish called “Saba” marinated with “gochujang”, the Korean red chili paste. This set comes along with small dishes, brown rice and miso soup. Mackerel fish was very soft and juicy, and went well with spicy “gochujang” which stimulates an appetite. You may also enjoy the chewy texture of brown rice as there are more fibers compared with regular white rice. We recommend that you eat pickles and salad as they make this main dish even fresher. The salad dressing is al...moreso a handmade source from vegetables.
Keema curry
2Must Eat !
Keema curry / ¥980
If you are imagining keema curry as a regular curry, Kamogama offers the one with different ingredients and taste. At a first glance, you may notice that there are various kinds of beans mixed with lots of vegetables such as tomatoes, corns and carrots. It is a bit spicy but rather fresh as carefully chosen spices are blended. We recommend that you eat it with yogurt which comes along with this set as it gives a fresh taste to the keema curry.
Cake and coffee set
3Let's Try !
Cake and coffee set / ¥850
What is interesting about this pound cake is that seasonal vegetable taken in Kamigamo where this restaurant is located is used with brown sugar. This time of year, citron was used for a pound cake and it gives a fresh and lightly sweetened taste. We recommend that you eat it with coffee which has a light taste and goes very well this pound cake. If you order just a coffee, it costs ¥500. Since this cake is very light, you can have it even after having lunch dishes. Please note that the vegetabl...moree inside of this pound cake is changing every month.
How to Order & Eat
How to order & eat

How to order & eat

How to order & eatEnglish menu is written under Japanese menu. Pictures of each food and dessert are also shown next to the menu, so it is easy to understand and order what you would like to have. As all the tableware are made in the pottery workshop, none of them is the same. Please also enjoy them as you have your lunch and dessert in this cafe!
- Order Tips -
We recommend that you order vegetable pound cake as it is very unique to use seasonal vegetable taken in Kamigamo where this restaurant is located. Their coffee has a light taste and goes perfectly well with this pound cake! There also are organic brownies made by rice flour and it is popular especially among mothers with small children.
This cafe looks like a regular house but you may see a signboard and sunshade when you get close to it
Kamogama Appearnace photo
Categories Teishoku(Meal Sets)
Phone +81 75-723-0554
Address 59-13 Misonoguchi-cho, Kamigamo, Kita-ku, Kyoto
Directions 5 minutes walk from Kamigamo Shrine Mae stop by Kyoto City Bus #4
Hours 9:00am - 6:00pm (Last order: 5:30pm)
Reservations Accepted
Closed Wednesday
Notes It is interesting to note that there is a pottery shop on the 1st floor and you can purchase the tableware used in the cafe. You can also experience to make your own pottery there! Please refer to their website for plans and prices. Please also note that they only open from 10:00am - 6:00pm.
Price range
  • ★
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  • ☆
¥980 - ¥1,800
Credit cards Not accepted
Good for Solo, Romantic, Families with Children
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
  • ●
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  • ○
English menu is written under Japanese menu. You may feel relaxed in this cafe by its wooden tableware, furniture and scenery looking through the window. Staff are all kind and friendly, and they would welcome you with smiles
Menu English menu is written under the Japanese menu
Languages spoken Conversation level English
Number of seats 14 seats
Private dining rooms None
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking
Kamogama +81 75-723-0554 ¥980 - ¥1,800 3/3

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