Juicy cutlets curry rice bowl using "sobadashi" made of fish and kelp

Menbo Yamamoto

/ めん房やまもと
Menbo Yamamoto
Menbo-Yamamoto, famous for soba and udon noodles, was established in 1980 in a back ally of Shijo Karasuma. Their most popular noodle is “Tempura soba”. The deep-fried shrimp soaked into the dashi soup and soba noodle go well. Our favorite is “Katsu curry don”, a rice bowl with cutlets covered by curry as you both enjoy the taste of light Japanese-style curry that has made with dashi stock and juicy pork cutlets covered by the curry.
It is interesting that you can choose your preferred...more type of noodle among regular soba, udon and ramen noodles. You may also be amazed by their variety of noodles, rice bowl dishes and teishoku (Japanese-style meal set). Seasonal noodles such as “Nabeyaki udon”, udon served in a hot pot, and “Reimen”, cold noodle” are also available.
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I certainly enjoyed the flavor and taste of “Tempura soba” and my recommendation goes to those with children. This noodle soup has a plain taste and deep-fried shrimp is very soft as this soup soaked into it. Please also try other types of noodles and rice bowl dishes as there are various menus in this restaurant!
There are various kinds of teishoku (Japanese-style set menu) and bento set (lunch box set) other than different kinds of noodles and rice bowl dishes. Please choose what you like! You can also have a look at Japanese newspapers and magazines, so you may experience the authentic Japanese daily life.
Cutlets Curry Don, a rice bowl with cutlets covered by curry
1Must Eat !
Cutlets Curry Don, a rice bowl with cutlets covered by curry / ¥950
Our no.1 favorite rice bowl dish in this restaurant! It is very tasty to eat juicy and soft cutlets together with Japanese-style curry made of dashi stock. We recommend that you eat this dish with pickled vegetables as they give the curry cutlets fresher flavor.
2Must Eat !
Tempura soba, Soba noodle with deep-fried shrimp / ¥800
Deep-fried shrimp is very soft as it is soaked into the dashi soup made from fish and kelp. It best matches with soba noodle as its plain taste becomes more flavorful. You can choose either cold or hot. If you choose a cold soba, it would cost ¥900. We recommend that you have a hot noodle in cold weather as it makes your body warm.
Donburi set, set for a rice bowl dish
3Let's Try !
Donburi set, set for a rice bowl dish / Add ¥200 to a rice bowl dish
If you order “Donburi”, a rice bowl dish, you can add “donburi set” for ¥200. You can select one of your preferred dishes among either hot or cold small-sized noodle/ soba, dark-brown miso soup and clear broth soup. We chose small-sized hot soba noodle which was nicely boiled, so you may certainly enjoy this soft soba texture.
How to Order & Eat
How to Order & Eat Yamamoto

How to Order & Eat Yamamoto

How to Order & Eat Yamamoto

English menu is available but some of the dishes are not on the English menu. We recommend that you put some “Sanshou”, a Japanese pepper, to your noodles as it gives a different spicy flavor. Sanshou is set on each table.
- Order Tips -
You can choose your preferred type of noodle among soba, udon and ramen. Our recommendation is a standard soba noodle as it is soft and easy to eat.
It is located in a back ally of Shijo Karasuma street. Please check the map carefully before you head to the restaurant.
Appearance Photo
Menbo Yamamoto
Categories Soba & Udon, Teishoku(Meal Sets)
Phone +81 75-255-0856
Address 473 Kannoncho-do, Shinmachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Directions 3 minutes walk from Shijo station by subway Karasuma line/ Karasuma station by Hankyu line. Please go out from exit no. 24.
Hours 11:00a.m. - 8:00p.m. (Weekdays)
11:00a.m. - 2:00p.m. (Saturdays)
Reservations Not accepted
Closed Sundays, Holidays and 3rd Saturday
Notes It would be crowded around 12:00p.m. till after 1:00p.m. We suggest that you visit around 11:00a.m. (their opening hour) or after 1:00p.m.
Price range
  • ★
  • ☆
  • ☆
¥800 - ¥1,200
Credit cards Not accepted
Good for Solo, With Friends
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
  • ●
  • ○
  • ○
English menu is available
Menu English
Languages spoken None
Number of seats 44 seats
Private dining rooms None
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking between 11:00a.m. - 1:30p.m./ Smoking except the lunch time
Menbo Yamamoto +81 75-255-0856 ¥800 - ¥1,200 1/3

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