Nabe: the most enjoyable Washoku! Introducing UDONSUKI of Mimiu

Mimiu Gion

/ 美々卯 京都祇園店
Mimiu Gion
In Japan there’s a food that tastes even better the colder the weather—a food people like to gather around with friends and family. Knowing about or having experienced UDONSUKI, you must be quite the authority on traditional Japanese food! Nabe, the most enjoyable dish in traditional Japanese Cuisine—or rather, one of its many “attractions”—has many, many different variations. Nabe ranges from shabu-shabu-like varieties, where single slices of meat are stirred in a boiling broth, to chankonabe-l...moreike dishes, where all of the ingredients are mixed together and stewed beforehand. Among these you will find UDONSUKI, a special nabe dish from western Japan in which a shallow pot is used to stew together meat, vegetables, and udon noodles. Mimiu offers an up-close look at this UDONSUKI—cooked by skilled staff—as well as beautifully prepared vegetables and other delights for your dining pleasure.
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Mimiu’s UDONSUKI was very healthy with lots of vegetables! I highly recommend it for the health-conscious diner. I love to drink, so when I saw FROZEN SAKE on the menu I just had to have it—even though I had just eaten dinner. Tasting this treat for the first time, it was dry and refreshingly cool. I felt like I could just go on drinking more and more.
When you order UDONSUKI you will be asked if you want the shrimp raw or boiled. I highly recommend you choose raw! It’s sure to make your udonsuki experience more thrilling and fun! And if you like Japanese liquor, please try the FROZEN SAKE. It’s rare for Japanese shops to serve sake sherbet—I have rarely seen it, myself.
1Must Eat !
UDONSUKI / ¥3,500
Specially-made udon noodles, delicious broth, and other fresh, seasonal ingredients stewed in a special shallow pot. Enjoy the change in flavor as you add your choice of spices and other seasonings (scallions, lemon, ginger, etc.). * 4-person serving size is pictured.
Mimiu Gozen
2Must Eat !
Mimiu Gozen / ¥1,950
Enjoy all of Japanese Cuisine’s major dishes in this one set! Includes three appetizers, a selection of sashimi (raw fish), tempura (deep-fried prawns and vegetables), white rice, and your choice of soba or udon noodles. Dessert is also served at the end of the meal.
Hana-yuba ankake set
3Let's Try !
Hana-yuba ankake set / ¥1,750
Raw yuba (yuba is a by-product of tofu production, and the raw variety has a particularly smooth texture) covered in a thick “an” sauce and served over rice. Comes with tempura (deep-fried prawns and vegetables), your choice of soba or udon noodles, salad, Japanese pickles, and dessert.
5 chopstick rests shaped in a rabbit
4Let's Try !
5 chopstick rests shaped in a rabbit / ¥1,130
Mimiu, in accordance with its rabbit motif, sells rabbit-themed souvenir chopsticks and chopstick rests. Please notify a staff member if you are interested.
How to Order & Eat
Mimiu Gion How to Order & Eat

Mimiu Gion, Kyoto’s menu is divided into three large sections: UDONSUKI served individually or in sets, soba/udon noodle dishes, and gozen meals (similar to a full course brought out all at once) including tempura (deep-fried prawns and vegetables). Udonsuki can be ordered in a single serving size, or for a number of diners for those who would like to gather around a big pot with like-minded people. You can rely on the restaurant staff to put in each of the ingredients at the proper timing for a relaxed, enjoyable meal. In addition to UDONSUKI and other udon noodle dishes, we’ve assembled rice bowls, Yuba -processed food of a soybean- cuisine, Kamo Nanban -warm soba noodles with duck meat and onions-, and many other Kyoto-esque dishes for your enjoyment. Please give them a try!
- Order Tips -
“UDONSUKI wo ninzu-bun onegai shimasu.”
It means… We’d like to take UDONSUKI all of us.
Mimiu Gion
Categories Nabe(Hot Pot)
Phone +81 78-533-6681
Address Gion Oki building 3F & 4F, 216, Shijo-dori Yamato-oji Nakano-cho, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0075
Directions 5-minute walk from Keihan Railway Main Line Gion-Shijo Station and Hankyu Railway Kyoto Main Line Kawaramachi Station.
Hours 11:30 ~ 21:30 *21:00 Last order
Reservations Accepted
Closed Irregular holidays
Notes Whether alone or with a big group, you can always enjoy UDONSUKI!!
Price range
  • ★
  • ★
  • ★
¥2,000 ~ ¥3,000
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, etc.
Good for Romantic, With Friends, Families with Children
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
  • ●
  • ●
  • ●
English & Chinese menus available.
Menu English, Chinese
Languages spoken English
Number of seats 122 seats
Private dining rooms Available
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking
Mimiu Gion +81 78-533-6681 ¥2,000 ~ ¥3,000 2/3

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