“Small eats” in Kyoto Dialect, Mushiyashinai brings unique sweets


/ むしやしない
The shop name, “Mushiyashinai,” is also a phrase meaning “small eats,” in Kyoto dialect. The phrase is used when mentioning eating something in between meals. A pastry during an afternoon tea time is an ideal form of “Mushiyashinai”. At this shop, there is a sit-in area where incredible pastries can be devoured.

In the Ichijo-ji area where unique shops are lined, Mushiyashinai opens its doors 6 days a week satisfying sweet cravings and also taking cake orders for weddings and parties. Their o...moreriginal cakes are very unique, and also focus on using natural ingredients like green tea and soy milk.
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Mushiyashinai is a great cake shop in the Ichijo-ji area! It's a really popular place for cakes and many local students are seen enjoying their pastries in groups. Also locals stop by to buy some pastries to go. One pastry may not be enough, a second one can be eaten quite easily. Enjoy a hot beverage on the side!
Seasonal tart
1Must Eat !
Seasonal tart / ¥410
The tart crust is very crispy and is topped with sweet cream, fresh strawberries, and toasty almonds. The toppings for the tart changes according to season, but this time around (January, 2016) juicy strawberries are being used for the Seasonal Tart.
Puchi Mushiyashinabe
2Must Eat !
Puchi Mushiyashinabe / ¥702
One of their symbolic cakes is called Mushiyashinabe featuring a dutch-oven shaped edible cookie decorated with cream and seasonal fruits. The actual cake is 21cm in diameter and popular for weddings and parties. This one pictured on the left is a smaller version of Mushiyashinabe. The dutch oven container is non-edible in this smaller version, however, the inside is full of delicious Matcha crème and topped with some chestnuts. The filling changes according to season.
Soymilk matcha
3Let's Try !
Soymilk matcha / ¥650
Great for those who wants to try Matcha in a different way or for those who are lactose intolerant. Matcha green tea is mixed with soy milk and served hot perfect during a cold weather or when you want to take a breather during the day.
Okara tea served in a tea pot
4Let's Try !
Okara tea served in a tea pot / ¥450
Okara is the pulp from soy beans that is left after the production of tofu. It is quite accessible to get in Japan and often used in dishes as a nutritious ingredient. Try this healthy tea served hot in a tea pot along with a pastry. Also on the menu is Okara High Ball (a drink with Okara tea and whiskey), it’s a must try when you are in an adventurous mood.
How to Order & Eat
How to Eat & Order 1 Mushiyashinai

How to Eat & Order 1 Mushiyashinai


How to Eat & Order 1 MushiyashinaiThere will be a discount on a drink item if two or more pastries are ordered.

With two pastries, 50 yen is discounted on a drink item.

With three pastries, 100 yen is discounted on a drink item.

With five pastries, a drink item will be free.

- Order Tips -
If two or more pastries are ordered, they will be presented in a box as shown in pictures above.
Mushiyashinai Interior Photo 1
Appearance photo 1 Mushiyashinai
Categories Patisserie
Phone +81 75-723-8364
Address 78 Ichijoji Satono Nishi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Directions ・3 minute walk from Eizan train Ichijoji Station
Hours 10am - 8pm
Reservations Accepted for cake orders
Closed Mondays. When a holiday falls on a Monday, the following Tuesday will be closed instead.
Notes Reserve a whole cake in advance. For whole Mushiyanabe cake, reservation about 7 days before is required.
Free wi-fi is available in the sit-in area.
Price range
  • ★
  • ★
  • ☆
Credit cards Not accepted
Good for Solo, Romantic, With Friends
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
  • ●
  • ●
  • ○
No English menu, however pastries are seen in the display.
Menu Japanese
Languages spoken Japanese
Number of seats 16 seats inside, 6 seats outside
Private dining rooms None
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking
Other English pamphlet is available
Mushiyashiniai +81 75-723-8364 1/3

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