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Sukiyaki Hot Pot Made with Delicious Wagyu Beef and Plenty of Spring Onions

Negiya-Heikichi Pontocho

/ 葱や平吉 先斗町店
Negiya-Heikichi Pontocho
Pontocho -a famous atmospheric alleyway in Kyoto- has a wide range of dining establishments such as Japanese restaurants and bars. In one corner of this alleyway, you will find Negiya-Heikichi Pontocho, a restaurant offering dishes made with high-quality Wagyu beef, fresh spring onions and other vegetables. Our highest recommendation is the sukiyaki hot pot topped with large amounts of Kyoto's specialty, Kujo spring onions. This hot pot is made with juicy and flavorsome Wagyu beef cooked in a sa...morelty-sweet sauce. Also, Kujo spring onions are characterized for their crunchy texture and refreshing taste, making it the perfect accompaniment for Wagyu beef. In addition, the restaurant also offers an excellent range of single dishes such as sashimi, yakitori, charcoal grilled vegetables, and more -the perfect accompaniment for an alcoholic drink-.
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Look out for the vegetables displayed at the restaurant front when you visit! Please come and enjoy the restaurant’s delicious high-quality Wagyu beef. The vegetables are also fresh and sweet. The restaurant’s sukiyaki hot pots are just delicious. Have fun watching the hot pot bubbling away and also try adding some raw egg as well! The restaurant also offers Japanese sake and shochu, so it is perfect for people who enjoy relaxing with an alcoholic drink as well!
Stewed beef&leek “SUKIYAKI”
1Must Eat !
Stewed beef&leek “SUKIYAKI” / Regular ¥3,800 | Special ¥4,800
A hot pot made with Wagyu beef, plenty of Kujo hot springs, tofu, onions, konjac, and other ingredients cooked in a pot with a salty-sweet sauce. We recommend wrapping the beef around the spring onions and other vegetables to obtain the best flavor. Mix it in with raw egg for a milder taste. The restaurant staff will be happy to explain the best way to eat sukiyaki.
You can request extra beef and vegetables for an additional charge.
*Can be ordered for one person only. The photo shows a hot po...moret for two people.
Wagyu beef on rice bowl
2Must Eat !
Wagyu beef on rice bowl / ¥980
Rice bowl topped with deliciously flavored Wagyu beef and plenty of spring onions.
When ordering sukiyaki, we would recommend sharing it between two to three people.
This dish is also delicious by pouring a little bit of sukiyaki sauce on top.
3Let's Try !
Udon / ¥500
A dish to be ordered when having a hot pot like sukiyaki. Once you have finished eating all the main ingredients, you can add some udon noodles to the remaining soup. The best thing to do is to cook them for a short while until the udon has been soaked well within the soup. Even if you feel full, you will be amazed at how much noodles you will be able to eat!
How to Order & Eat
Negiya-Heikichi Pontocho How to Order & EatEnglish menu available. The table charge is ¥500 per person.
The table charge includes a small appetizer and the spring onions to be added to your meal (with free refills).
- Order Tips -
For two to three people, we would recommend ordering sukiyaki for two people plus a few additional dishes.
Negiya-HeikichiInterior Photo 1
Negiya-Heikichi Appearance Photo
Negiya-Heikichi Pontocho
Categories Sukiyaki/Shabushabu
Phone +81 75-256-8808
Address 201-4 Shimokorikicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu
Directions 3 minute-walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi station
Hours 5pm-11pm(L.O. 10pm)
Reservations Accepted
Closed Wed.
Notes The restaurant often gets busy between 7pm - 9pm.
Price range
  • ★
  • ★
  • ☆
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX / Accepted
Good for With Friends
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
  • ●
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English menu and English-speaking staff available.
Menu Japanese and English
Languages spoken Japanese and Basic English
Number of seats 66 Seats
Private dining rooms None
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking
Negiya-Heikichi Pontocho +81 75-256-8808 3/3

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