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- 鳥彌三 -
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A Kyoto favorite for over 200 years, Mizutaki nabe brings out the richness and flavor chicken
Mizutaki is a type of nabe, Japanese hotpot cooking. It is made from simmered chicken and vegetables. Since its founding, Toriyasa has made Mizutaki according to a recipe handed down from generation to generation. Toriyasa is located a 5-minute walk from Shijo Kawaramachi, Kyoto’s entertainment district.In business for over 200 years, it is said to have been frequented by the famous Japanese historical figure Sakamoto Ryoma. Their famous Mizutaki is based on a white broth made from chicken cooked over a three day period. The richness and flavor of the soup is sure to astound you. Simmering in this soup brings out the essential goodness of the chicken and vegetables, creating a dish with a flavor one can only experience at Toriyasa. They also serve a selection of other a-la-carte chicken dishes, letting you enjoy delicious chicken in a variety of different ways. The original atmosphere of the building has been preserved since the time of its founding, and it is registered as a national cultural property. It is brimming with a traditional Japanese-style ambiance that guarantees you can spend a leisurely and relaxing time.
Mizutaki / ¥13,000
At Toriyasa, you definitely want to order the course meal that includes Mizutaki nabe. The Mizutaki contains choice chicken, Chinese cabbages, shiitake mushrooms, edible chrysanthemum, tofu, yuba (tofu skin), and mochi rice cake. The chicken has just the right amount of firmness, letting you experience the chicken’s deliciousness with each bite. It is very creamy, but the aftertaste is lighter and cleaner than you would imagine. The staff will prepare it for you at your table, so there is no need to worry about how to eat it. It also comes with hors d’oeuvres, chicken liver, rice porridge, pickled vegetables, and dessert.
Deep-fried chickenv
Deep-fried chicken / ¥2,000 (+tax)
Not only does it have a savory batter coating on the outside, the chicken is tender and juicy on the inside. You can tell that they use high-quality chicken. It lets you enjoy a different flavor from the chicken in the Mizutaki . Squeezing on a little lemon juice adds a crisp and refreshing taste. It also makes a perfect match with Japanese beer.
Grilled crispy chicken skin
3Let's Try!
Grilled crispy chicken skin / ¥1,500 (+tax)
This lets you enjoy the great taste of chicken in a unique way. Chicken skin is flattened and fried to a savory crisp. The crunchy texture is a lot of fun. Adding a little spiciness with red pepper helps bring out the flavor of the chicken.
Chicken Liver  *Takeout item
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Chicken Liver *Takeout item / ¥3,500 (+tax)
This dish is made with stewed fresh chicken livers. The sweet and spicy sauce is well-balanced against the slight bitterness of the liver. Chicken or beef liver typically has a slimy texture, with a rich and distinctive taste, but Toriyasa’s chicken livers have a light and simple flavor that makes it easy to eat. It goes very well with sake. The restaurant’s own special containers in which the chicken livers are served are also quite charming. *You must call in advance to make reservations if you want to order it.
How to Order

There are English menus available. You will definitely want to order the Mizutaki, and the details are listed on the menu under course meals. If you want to enjoy a variety of chicken dishes, then you should also order some of the a-la-carte dishes.

- Order Tips -
If you order Mizutaki, you can enjoy a soup flavored with quail eggs, salt, and red pepper. There is enough to have four or five extra servings, and it is so delicious you will be left wanting more. That said, if you drink too much, you may end up getting full, so I recommend limiting yourself to just three bowls.
4.0 food4.0 service4.0 atmosphere4.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
4.0 food4.0 service4.0 atmosphere4.0
Toriyasa is housed in an old-fashioned Japanese-style wooden building. You will definitely be charmed by the atmosphere when you step inside. Be sure to get a good look at the traditional Japanese-style interior design and decoration as well. You will absolutely want to try the Mizutaki. First off, drink the soup, which is flavored with quail eggs and salt, and admire that flavor! You won’t be able to get enough, but I recommend limiting yourself to just three bowls. Otherwise, you end up getting full on the soup alone. After that, enjoy the chicken, vegetables, and other ingredients.
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Toriyasa / 鳥彌三
Category Nabe (Hot Pot)
Phone +81 75-351-0555
Address 136, Saitocho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 600-8012
Directions 5-minute walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Stn. 5-minute walk from Keihan Line Gionshijo Stn.
Open Hours 11:30 - 10pm (L.O.8:30pm) *Be sure to arrive at the restaurant by 3pm if you want to order from the lunch menu.
Reservations Accepted
Closed Irregular holidays
Notes ・A course meal must be ordered. ・There is a 20% service charge with an order of Mizutaki. ・There is a 20% service charge with an order of Kaiseki.
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc.
Good for With Friends, Business Meeting
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
There are English menus available. English-speaking staff members are sometimes present. Even the staff who cannot speak English should be able to answer questions about the menu or how to eat different dishes through gestures.
Menu English
Lanuages spoken Staff able to provide service in English may not be present at all times.
Number of seats 60 seats
Private dining rooms Available
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking *There are smoking areas in the front entryway and inner garden.

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