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The cafe offering comfort and sweets, produced by the Tawaraya

Yukei salon de thé

Located at the center of Kyoto, ‘Yukei salon de thé’ is run by the tawaraya, known as the finest ryokan. This café serves Japanese sweets that change according to seasons. Not only sweets but also lunch menus are available.
When you are here, you can spend your own time in a calm area, with listening to soft background music while having a break.
It is a small but very popular café, so sometimes all of seats are occupied. In that case, please visit to their Gallery which is located next to caf...moreé.
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I experienced the café’s quiet space and great service, and the mood was gorgeous. My recommendation is Warabi-mochi. Texture is dumpling and, after one bite, natural sweetness was spread in my mouth. It goes well with Japanese tea which is served together.
Warabi-mochi served with green-tea
1Must Eat !
Warabi-mochi served with green-tea / 2,050 yen
The "Warabi-mochi" is one of the most popular sweet in the western area of Japan. The name of "Warabi-mochi" comes from an edible wild plant "Warabi" (bracken) which is the raw material of "Warabi-mochi". Kinako powder is topped. Usually, Warabi-mochi is clear but this is brown. The reason for the color is that this warabi-mochi is made with brown sugar. Tea pot which has 2 cup of tea is served together.
Chocolate mousse with port wine jelly
2Must Eat !
Chocolate mousse with port wine jelly / 2,260 yen
The bottom is a chocolate mousse and port wine jelly and cherry are topped. A sweetness of a mousse and the flavor of wine are a nice combination. Cherries which is cooked with wine are also inside the mousse. Flavor of wine is not so strong, so it is good for people who don't like alcohol.
Deep roasted coffee
3Let's Try !
Deep roasted coffee / 1,230
Cute rakugan (Japanese traditional confection made with sugar) which is shape of TAWARA are served together. Coffee is prepared with the natural water from Tawaraya ryokan.
How to Order & Eat
How to order & eatEnglish menu is available
- Order Tips -
Sweets will change according to seasons, please check this season' sweets on the menu
Appearance Photo Yukei salon de thé
Yukei salon de thé
Categories Cafe
Phone +81 75-212-8883
Address Kitagawa, Higashi-iru, fuyacho, anekoji-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-city,
Directions 5 minutes by walk from subway Karasuma line Kyoto city hall station
Hours 11am-6pm (5pm L.O)
Reservations No
Closed Tuesdays
Price range
  • ★
  • ★
  • ★
Credit cards Accepted
Good for Solo, Romantic, With Friends
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
  • ●
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  • ○
Location is good and English menu is available
Menu English
Languages spoken Japanese only
Number of seats 16 seats
Private dining rooms No
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking
Yukei salon de thé +81 75-212-8883 2/3

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