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The way coffee shop is supposed to be - exciting conversations are born over a cup of coffee

ask me! cafe Kyoto

ask me! cafe Kyoto
Visit ask me! café Kyoto and bring some curiosity with you. The friendly owner with interesting stories will be behind the counter ready to serve you a cup of coffee and several intriguing conversations. It`s very easy to make new friends here since both locals and visitors come to this cafe. The owner participates in the community development projects, and with his characteristics and with his hand made food and drinks, he brings the community together. Get ready to learn bit more about Kyoto d...moreuring your stay here.
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This cafe is truly a place to enjoy conversations over a cup of coffee. I recommend to stop by here and be prepared to learn something new about the city. You will definitely enhance your trip here and meet new friends!
The owner is so knowledgeable about Kyoto! He knows about fun spots within the city. It would be great to go there in the begging of a day and get recommendations. Your plan for the day sure will be full of ideas. Visitors who are staying in guest houses around the area and locals who are regulars at the café gather here. It’s a great place to do some cultural exchange!
1Must Eat !
Coffee / ¥500
If the order of coffee is two servings or less at a time, the owner grinds the coffee beans himself. Using fine beans from “Beans Tei” in Kyoto, coffee is brewed and poured into a cup that is a well match to the café.
Lunch Set
2Must Eat !
Lunch Set / ¥800 Plus coffee is additional ¥200
Hungry for lunch? The sauce for the spaghetti is changed daily as well as the side salad. The owner chooses the menu himself every day. Lunch set is available until it’s sold out. The spaghetti pictured on the right has bacon and vegetables with Parmesan cheese on top. The plateful of spaghetti is flavorful, but not too heavy.
3Let's Try !
Cake / ¥300
Cakes are also in-house made. Although depending on the availability, try this chocolate cake which has a similar texture to a brownie. The cake goes wonderfully with a cup of coffee.
Take a book and ask questions to the owner
4Let's Try !
Take a book and ask questions to the owner / ¥0
There is a collection of interesting books such as a photo book of black and white pictures of Kyoto in the past. There are many books about Kyoto here, so if you want to learn more about the city, this is a great place to study! Ask the master if you have any questions, he is very knowledgeable about the city, and he is also part of the city development project.
How to Order & Eat
How to order & eatBesides coffee, there are also tea, juice, beer, and wine available. Scones are baked fresh daily.
- Order Tips -
Go on, ask a questions about Kyoto!
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ask me! cafe Kyoto
Categories Cafe
Phone +81 75-746-6866
Address 495 Daiku-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Directions ・8-minute walk from Keihan Kiyomizu Gojyo Stn.
・8-minute walk from Subway Gojyo Stn.
・8-minute walk from Subway Shichijyo Stn.
Hours 9am - 4pm (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
9am - closing depending if events are happening (Saturday and Sunday)
Reservations Yes
Closed Tuesdays
Notes The owner is also a guide for Mai Mai Kyoto, a community where knowledgeable locals guide through in depths of the city with more close encounters to those who want to learn more about Kyoto.
Also events are held on the second floor of the café. Ask the owner about any up coming events!
Price range
  • ★
  • ★
  • ☆
¥100 ~ ¥1,000
Credit cards Not accepted
Good for Solo, With Friends, Families with Children
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
  • ●
  • ●
  • ●
Great opportunity to learn about the city.
Menu No
Languages spoken Yes - Conversational English
Number of seats 10 seats. 16 seats up stairs for events.
Private dining rooms No
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking. If other guests are ok, smoking is allowed.
ask me! cafe Kyoto +81 75-746-6866 ¥100 ~ ¥1,000 2/3

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