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en(燕) is a Japanese restaurant located 5 minutes by foot from Kyoto Station. Its location close to the Kyoto Station is ideal and access is extremely convenient. You can also come to the restaurant a bit earlier and travel by Shinkansen after the meal. The owner of this restaurant was working at Wakuden, a prestigious Japanese restaurant in Kyoto, before going to New York to polish his skills in Japanese cooking. Dishes are generally served a la carte, but Omakase course menus are also available...more from 8,000 yen onwards.
The cuisine served at en(燕) showcases the originality and sensitivity of the owner while preserving the foundations of Japanese food. He incorporates not only fish but also meat in his cooking, and besides flavourful soup stock, he also uses sauces that typically remind one of Western cuisine. The presentation is simple but tastefully done. Come enjoy the culinary creations based on the chef’s experience accumulated in Kyoto and New York.
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The restaurant has a cozy interior with ten counter seats and two tables with two seats each. So it was easy to communicate with the restaurant owner and staff. The restaurant is filled with the fragrance of grilled fish and meat coming from the kitchen. And when the dishes are ready, they are immediately served to the customers. Don’t forget to enjoy the atmosphere and the process up until the dishes are served! There aren’t many authentic Japanese restaurants like en(燕) around Kyoto Station, ...moreso it’s a really treasured restaurant.
en(燕) is a popular Japanese restaurant within walkable distance from Kyoto Station. The charming feature of this restaurant is being able to enjoy authentic Japanese food in a small interior with a casual ambience where the main seats are counter seats.
As there are many a la carte dishes that are compatible with Japanese sake (rice wine), this shop is perfect for those who want to enjoy both sake and Japanese food. I’d recommend ordering the popular Buckwheat Noodles with Duck and Kujo Scalli...moreons to finish off your meal.
Shiizakana Platter
1Must Eat !
Shiizakana Platter / For 2 persons around ¥3,600 (+tax) ~
Shiizakana is a Kaiseki dish. As an addition to the basic menu, it is perfect when paired with alcoholic drinks. It’s often served as a simmered dishes or delicacies. Shiizakana can be ordered a la carte but the Omakase platter is a better recommendation, where three dishes of the day will be served to you. Don’t forget to order the Japanese sake, the perfect drink to go with the dish.
*Clockwise from right: ”Rice Cake Kneaded with Dried Mullet Roe,” “Miso-glazed Fan-Mussel,” “Steamed Hair Crab...more with Green Dried Seaweed.”
2Must Eat !
Beef Cutlet with Homemade Worcestershire Sauce / ¥1,800 (+tax)
Beef steak grilled to rare, then deep-fried into a fragrant dish. It is easy to enjoy even for ladies as it is pre-cut into bite-sized pieces. When you take a bite of the steak, your mouth will be overflowing with its meat juice. The balance between the crispy batter and the chewiness of the beef is also worth noting. Enjoy dipped in the sweet and slightly sour original Worcestershire sauce. This dish is paired perfectly with “Sixpoint” (¥1,000+tax), craft beer from New York. Its bitterness and ...morerichness  further brings out the flavor of the meat.
Tilefish Urokoyaki
3Let's Try !
Tilefish Urokoyaki / ¥1,500 (+tax)
Tilefish is a dish often served in Japanese restaurants in Kyoto. The fish has a light flavor but plumps up when grilled to bring out an elegant sweetness. At en(燕), the tilefish is grilled to perfection on a charcoal fire.
Urokoyaki is a method of grilling fish by grilling the fish with its scales intact and pouring oil over the fish. The end result is a wonderful crispy texture. Please enjoy with a dash of refreshing Japanese Sudachi citrus if desired.
4Let's Try !
Buckwheat Noodles with Duck and Kujo Scallion / ¥1,200 (+tax)
Buckwheat noodles served with flavor-packed duck soup. The best part of the dish is its richness created from the high-quality duck fat. You will be pleasantly surprised by the juiciness of the thick cuts of duck meat. Enjoy it together with crunchy Kujo scallions. It is topped with a touch of truffle for its scent.
How to Order & Eat
en how to order & eat

en how to order & eat

en how to order & eatThe menu is in Japanese. In addition, none of the staff members including the restaurant owner can speak English fluently. However, there are a lot of foreign customers and although they do not understand Japanese, they always try to communicate using gestures.
- Order Tips -
Omakase course menus are available from 8,000 yen onwards. We also have a sashimi platter. In addition, when you order a dish in a group, we will divide the dish into the number of people and serve them to you on different plates.
en interior photo
Counter seats provide a great view of the chefs busy at work.
en interior photo
The counter is decorated with William, the mascot of the New York Museum of Modern Art.
The restaurant has a simple exterior. The mark of the restaurant is the drawing of a swallow on a wooden sign and a flower.
en appearance photoen appearance photo
Categories Kaiseki/Kyo Ryori(Kyoto Cuisine)
Phone +81 75-691-8155
Address 15-2, Higashikujo Nishisannocho, Minami-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 601-8003
Directions 8-minute walk from JR Line Kyoto Stn.
Hours 5:30pm - 11pm
Reservations Accepted
Closed Sunday
Price range
  • ★
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  • ☆
Credit cards Not accepted
Good for Solo, With Friends
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
  • ●
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The staff can understand simple English. We provide courteous and friendly service so please make yourself at home.
Menu Japanese only
Languages spoken Basic English
Number of seats 14 seats
Private dining rooms Nothing
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking
en +81 75-691-8155 -1/3

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