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Godan Miyazawa

/ ごだん宮ざわ
Godan Miyazawa
Take Kyoto City Subway and get off at Gojo Station. Walk for about three minutes and you will find Godan Miyazawa. The owner of the store, Mr. Miyazawa is the former owner of Kyoto’s famous Jiki Miyazawa, which he passed on to his apprentice. He then opened Godan Miyazawa in 2014.
At Godan Miyazawa, everything including the food, the interior, and the service hint at the owner Miyazawa’s thoughtfulness. The dishes make sure to retain the rich original flavor of their fine ingredients, while in ...morecorporating marks of unique ingenuity that can be found in the ways they combine different ingredients as well as in their inventive ways of cooking. Tasting the exquisite dishes in a slightly tense atmosphere resembling that of a tea room makes for a truly gripping experience throughout the entire time at the restaurant.
“I want my customers to feel good, and live well.” “In cooking, it’s better to be thoughtful than clever.” These are both Miyazawa’s words. Treasuring every visit of every customer, Godan Miyazawa will surely be an unforgettable part of your memories in Kyoto.
*It’s recommended to contact the restaurant in advance for reservation through the hotel’s concierge.
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Godan Miyazawa’s dishes pack not only flavor but also the owner’s inexpressible thoughtfulness. There is no doubt the appetizers in the course will make you expect for so much more of the dishes that will follow. Since it’s an experience unlike any other, we sincerely suggest dining at the restaurant for its incredibly unique dishes, which can be enjoyed in an adequately tense environment.
The restaurant has made no compromise in creating a truly Japanese atmosphere with things such as making its counter with high-quality natural wood, and its walls with earth. The dishes are all remarkably unique and creative, unmatched by those of any other restaurant. Every single dish is a masterpiece carefully crafted with Mr. Miyazawa’s thoughtfulness towards his customers. White rice will be served at the end of the course, which is also astonishingly delicious!
1Must Eat !
Courses / Dinner:¥10,000 / ¥13,500/¥18,000│Lunch:¥5,800/ ¥8,800 *Prices are pre-tax
There are three differently-priced courses for dinner, and two for lunch. Although the number and variety of dishes remain the same for all courses, their ingredients differ. The dishes change by season, so you can taste the flavors of different seasons depending on when you visit. The photo is Godan Miyazawa’s famous Karasumi soba.
Drink / Sake
2Must Eat !
Drink / Sake / ¥500 -
Available drinks include beer, wine, Japanese sake, and shochu. You may also order Japanese sake by half the glass, so you can enjoy multiple kinds of sake depending on the season. The photo is a cup of Gifu’s famous sake, Reisen.
Enjoying the flavor of white rice
3Let's Try !
Enjoying the flavor of white rice
The white rice served at the end of the course meal comes in a small portion as shown in the picture for the first round. This is because the restaurant wants its customers to taste its freshly-cooked white rice in stages as it becomes deeply steamed. Of course, customers can ask for seconds and thirds, so make sure to taste the sweetness of the white rice as it changes with time.
Enjoy the atmosphere
4Let's Try !
Enjoy the atmosphere
Everything about the restaurant’s interior hints at Mr. Miyazawa’s thoughtfulness. Starting from the counter to the walls and floors, all are made from natural materials. Please make sure to enjoy not only the food but also the extraordinary atmosphere.
How to Order & Eat
Course menus feature different dishes depending on the season. Menus for drinks such as wines and champagne are available in English. Please ask the staff about them.
- Order Tips -
The restaurant has staff who can speak English, who will gladly explain things such as the ingredients of the dishes. If you have questions or have allergies to certain ingredients, it is better to notify the restaurant through the hotel’s concierge while making a reservation.
Miyazawa Interior Photo
The restaurant is brimming with natural elegance. Made with Yoshino-pine, the counter features 8 seats.
Miyazawa Interior Photo
Private rooms can seat up to 5 people.
miyazawa appearance Photo
Godan Miyazawa
Categories Kaiseki/Kyo Ryori(Kyoto Cuisine)
Phone +81 75-708-6364
Address 557, Oecho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 600-8402
Directions 3-minute walk from Subway Karasuma Line Gojo Stn.
Hours Lunch 12pm - 13:45pm Last order
Dinner 6pm - 8pm Last order
Reservations Reservation is required. Please make a reservation through the hotel’s concierge.
Closed Wednesday, Irregular holidays
Notes All the items in the menu will be charged separate tax. There is a 10% service charge at night. There is no service charge during the day.
Price range
  • ★
  • ★
  • ★
Lunch│¥5,800 -¥8,800 Dinner│¥10,000 -¥18,000
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc.
Good for Romantic, With Friends, Business Meeting
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
  • ●
  • ●
  • ○
There are English-speaking staff, so you can ask about the ingredients of the dishes as well as other questions.
Menu Japanese, English
Languages spoken Japanese, English
Number of seats 14 seats
Private dining rooms Available
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking
Godan Miyazawa +81 75-708-6364 Lunch│¥5,800 -¥8,800 Dinner│¥10,000 -¥18,000 -1/3

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