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un café Le Petit Suetomi

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“An,” or red bean paste, is the main character in this café created in collaboration with Suetomi and Kyoto Hotel Okura
Many Japanese confectionery artisans take pride in their red bean paste called “an”. While in Japan, you will have many chances in getting familiar with “an” as it is a staple in Japanese confectionery. Notice that “un,” pronounced “an,” is included in the name of this café. With the collaboration between Kyoto Hotel Okura, Suetomi opened un café Le Petit Suetomi in December 2012. In contrast to this modern café, their main shop is running since 1893 protecting their traditional methods. un café Le Petit Suetomi offers delightful items using their legendary “an” such as red bean buns and zenzai (a sweet red bean soup with mochi.) Also, the café serves Suetomi`s famous seasonal Japanese confectionery which goes well with Japanese green tea made with fine tea leaves by Ippodo.
An Pan (Red Bean Bun) - with whipped cream
An Pan (Red Bean Bun) - with whipped cream / ¥432
This red bean bun can definitely be ranked high out of all red bean buns in Japan. With the collaboration of the bakery of Kyoto Hotel Okura, Suetomi's “an,” or red bean paste, is wrapped around in bread dough and baked to perfection. You can choose from “koshi an” or “tsubu an” meaning “smooth” or “textured.” To imagine the difference, you can think of it in the same sense as you would with peanut butter for its “smooth” or “crunchy” choices. We recommend the one with whipped cream with its light-as-air fluffiness that matches perfectly with the “an”.
An no Marumaru (deep fried wheat gluten balls)
An no Marumaru (deep fried wheat gluten balls) / ¥756
An no Marumaru is their original item uniquely made with wheat gluten and red bean paste. Be careful with your first bite as they are fried to order and can come out to the table hot. It is served with “kinako,” or soybean flour. Wheat gluten is not commonly fried; however, by frying it, the wheat gluten and red bean come out warm and soft bringing out its good qualities.
Seasonal Japanese Sweets
3Let's Try!
Seasonal Japanese Sweets / ¥486 -
The seasonal sweets are Suetomi's traditional Japanese confectionery generally made with sugar and bean paste. These traditional confectioneries typically represent the scenery of current season, and they are carefully crafted by experienced confectionery artists. You can choose one out of three seasonal sweets presented at your seat. Pictured on the left is “kinton,” sweet confectionery colorfully presented. It's recommended to enjoy its beauty before enjoying your first bite.
Bouley's Burger
4Let's Try!
Bouley's Burger / ¥1,404
Try this burger produced by David Bouley who is one of the top star chefs in New York. It is elegantly presented with side of olives, pickles, mustard, and tomato sauce. Thick meat patty is stacked with onions, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, and cheese sandwiched between in-house made English muffins.
How to Order

- Order Tips -
When choosing a drink, why not try the milk? Not widely known outside of Japan, many Japanese like to eat red bean buns with milk. The café offers carefully selected milk from Tokyo which is known for its clean taste.
3.3 food3.3 service3.3 atmosphere3.3
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.5 food3.5 service3.5 atmosphere3.5
I think this is a place everyone can enjoy. The cafe offers various items from traditional Japanese confectioneries to red bean buns to lunch items such as burgers and salads. Notice the sign that says "No use of cell phone." Also the cafe is entirely non-smoking even at the outside terrace. I sense that the cafe respects every guest and wishes each one of them to have the best time.
3.2 food3.0 service3.0 atmosphere3.5
In the front of the café are a calm river and a sight of beautiful mountains. During this season, I can enjoy looking at the maple leaf in the mountains. Inside seating area has a nice atmosphere with comfortable music, but I also love the open atmosphere outside. There are alcohol services too so I would like to have a drink at the outside terrace overlooking the beautiful view.
3.3 food3.5 service3.5 atmosphere3.0
There is also a shop within the cafe where items are available for purchase. They also sell red bean buns to take out! The red bean buns with whipped cream are available for eat-in only.
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un café Le Petit Suetomi
Category Cafes
Phone +81 75-211-5110
Address Yasaka-kawaramachi Bld.1F, 384 Ichinofunairicho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-0924
Directions 2-minute walk from Subway Tozai Line Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Stn.
Open Hours 10am - 6:30pm
Reservations Not accepted
Closed Open everyday
Notes Everything in this Café is selected carefully which in total collaborates together to offer experience fitting for the modern world. A person can enjoy a glass of drink at the waterside terrace while others can enjoy sweets or burger for a little café time.
Price range
¥1,000 - ¥2,000
Credit cards Accepted
Good for Solo, Romantic, With Friends
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
English menu with pictures are available.
Menu Japanese, English
Lanuages spoken Japanese, English
Number of seats 21 seats
Private dining rooms Nothing
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking

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