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Hyakumanben tedukuri ichi

- 百万遍さんの手づくり市 -
Period15th of every month
VenueChionji Temple
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Flea market offering hand made items loved by locals
The hyakumanben handmade market is taken place on every 15th of each month at Main-hall of Chionji Temple. The first Hyakumanben handmade market was held in 1987, April 15th as an opportunity for amateur craft workers to present their own works. It has been continued every month since then. The handmade market has become a very popular event, therefore exhibitors are selected in a lottery. The founder wants customers to participate in the market as a community that people are sharing their own works each with other. More than 450 shops are opened and around 10,000 people are coming every month.
There are really many types of things on sale at Hyakumanben handicraft market, but bread and pastries are one of the most popular ones. As one of the most eye-catching things on the handicraft market, it’s easy to buy more bread than you can eat. There are often long lines in front of the popular bakeries and they sometimes sell out before noon so I recommend going early.
Handmade accessories
Handmade accessories
There are really many shops selling handmade accessories at the market. The shops differ from each other a lot, some selling things so professional looking you wouldn’t at first believe they were handmade, and some selling unique handmade accessories where you can see the personality of the artist. Some of the people that have stalls at the market also have their own shops while others just do it for fun.
Handmade confectioneries
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Handmade confectioneries
There are also many shops selling confectioneries. There are many types, like cookies, caramels, jams, Japanese sweets, and many others. Many of them have a feeling of warmth that can only be felt from handmade products, and besides, they are cheap so they make for great souvenirs for you yourself or your friends.
Pottery and other crafts
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Pottery and other crafts
As places to buy pottery in Kyoto, Tenjin-san and Kobo-san markets are more famous, but at Hyakumanben you can also buy pottery and other crafts. There are all kinds of things on sale, from pieces of art to reasonably priced ones. If you find something you like, I recommend picking it up.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
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There are all kinds of stalls in this handicraft market. The people running the stalls are all frank and ready to answer your questions. The stalls are all chosen by lottery every month so each time you visit the market you will see different things. I'm sure you will find something you like. Since many people from overseas visit this market, how about going there to see what it's all about?
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Hyakumanben tedukuri ichi / 百万遍さんの手づくり市
Phone -
Address 103 Tanaka monzen-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Directions Hyakumanben bus stop on Kyoto City Bus #206 or #17 from Kyoto station
Event time 8am - 4pm
Cancellations No
Price range
Credit cards Depends on shops
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
You can find out some rare Japanese items
Information Japanese only
Lanuages spoken Depends on shops

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