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Flea market offering hand made items loved by locals

Hyakumanben tedukuri ichi

/ 百万遍さんの手づくり市
Venue: Chionji Temple
15th of every month
Hyakumanben tedukuri ichi
The hyakumanben handmade market is taken place on every 15th of each month at Main-hall of Chionji Temple. The first Hyakumanben handmade market was held in 1987, April 15th as an opportunity for amateur craft workers to present their own works. It has been continued every month since then. The handmade market has become a very popular event, therefore exhibitors are selected in a lottery. The founder wants customers to participate in the market as a community that people are sharing their own w...moreorks each with other. More than 450 shops are opened and around 10,000 people are coming every month.
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This flea market has long history, and it has been loved by locals for a long time. There are a wide range of vendors that cover a broad range of genres, and there are really busy! I was exciting in lively atmosphere!
Various accessories, using beads, Swarovski or natural stones are sold. These items are very individual reflecting characteristic of their creators. There is fully stocked with item for both men and women of all ages so you can enjoy shopping with your whole family or friend as well.
Japanese-design cloths
Japanese-design cloths
Products as a tissue case, bags or coin cases using Japanese-design cloths are available. Since all of the items are handmade, these items will warm our lives
Let's join !
There is also foodstuff shops selling a marmalades, jams, karinto, or rice crackers and so on. Please try to find out the only one taste in the world there.
Hyakumanben tedukuri ichi Appearance Photo
Hyakumanben tedukuri ichi
Phone -
Address 103 Tanaka monzen-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Directions Hyakumanben bus stop on Kyoto City Bus #206 or #17 from Kyoto station
Event time 8am - 4pm
Cancellations No
Fee Free
Credit cards Depends on shops
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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You can find out some rare Japanese items
Information Japanese only
Languages spoken Depends on shops
Hyakumanben tedukuri ichi - Free 2/3

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