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Enjoyable collaboration of talented dolphins and huge water curtains in Kyoto Aquarium in summer

Splash with dolphins!! (Iruka to Splash!!)

/ イルカとスプラッシュ!!
Venue: Kyoto Aquarium
July 23rd to August 31st, 2016
“Splash with dolphins!!”
You may probably know that the summer in Kyoto is very hot and humid. However, if you visit Kyoto Aquarium from July 23rd to August 31st which is regarded as the hottest summer period in Kyoto, you will surely feel cool with water attractions and beautiful nighttime illuminations with various sea and freshwater animals. Please visit Kyoto Aquarium to blow off the summer heat with water attractions and visionary illuminations!
In addition to "Splash with dolphins!!", "Night aquarium of summer (N...moreatsuno yoruno suizokukan)" will be held at night. During the event period, the regular closing time expands to 8pm (8:30am to 9pm from August 13th to 15th), and nighttime events such as dolphin performance called “Dolphin night LIVE” with visionary and dynamic illuminations, various kinds of water curtains called “aqua sign” are held. You will surely have a great time there! We also recommend some summer limited special desserts as well!
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I personally like Kyoto Aquarium and used to have a yearly pass few years ago. As summer in Kyoto is very hot and humid, sometimes you feel exhausted due to the heat. If you are looking for somewhere you can cool down your body, this is where I recommend! The cool splashes from dolphins and huge water curtains will blow off the heat and the visionary nighttime illuminations will make you feel relaxed. Please also check out the giant salamanders as they are nationally protected species in Japan a...morend live in the rivers in Kyoto!
“Splash with dolphins!!”
“Splash with dolphins!!”
“Splash with dolphins!!” is a summer limited attraction with dolphins which is held after the very popular dolphin performance. Performance of dolphins and about 15 meter-wide huge water curtains coming from the roof of the dolphin stadium will collaborate together and create a lively and fun time. You may have some splashes from the dolphin performance and huge water curtains, so you will definitely feel cool in the hot summer with this attraction!
Huge water curtains
Huge water curtains
During the event period, you will surely enjoy the huge water curtains which create the beautiful patterns and characters called “aqua sign” with beautiful nighttime illuminations. Please have fun with the water art in the hot summer in dolphin stadium!
“Super splash!!” area
Let's join !
“Super splash!!” area
If you would like to be soaked with water, this is what you need to try! First, you need to lie on your back as dolphins do. Then splashes from the huge water curtains and dolphins will cover your body! It will definitely cool down your body in the hot summer and children will surely enjoy this exciting attraction with dolphins! You may also enjoy the race of the huge water curtains and dolphins, and fun water play with dolphins. *Please bring some spare clothes as your body will be covered with...more water.
“Splash with dolphins!!” gelidium jelly and ice cream
Let's join !
“Splash with dolphins!!” gelidium jelly and ice cream (¥550/ tax included)
This is a summer limited dessert in Kyoto Aquarium! It is pretty as it looks like a tropical island with a dolphin. The blue ocean is made with a sweet gelidium jelly which is eaten especially in a hot summer in Japan. Please enjoy the fresh taste of fruits and sweet ice cream with the wonderful dolphin performances!
Splash with dolphins!! (Iruka to Splash!!) Appearance Photo
Splash with dolphins!! (Iruka to Splash!!)
Phone +81 75-354-3130
Address 35-1 Kankiji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Directions About 15-minute walk from JR Kyoto Station/ 3 to 5-minute walk from Nanajo-Ohmiya & Kyoto Suizokukan mae (Kyoto Aquarium) by Kyoto City Bus #205, 206 and 208 from Kyoto Station
Event time TBA
Notes As Kyoto is blessed with various rivers such as Kamo River, Katsura River and Uji River, Kyoto Aquarium is especially focused on fresh water living things.
Fee ¥2,050 (adult), ¥1,550 (16-18 year old), ¥1,000 (6 - 15 year old), ¥600 (over 3 year old)
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, etc. / Accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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The official website is on 5 different languages. You will surely enjoy all the attractions without a Japanese language ability.
Information English brochure is available
Languages spoken English, Japanese
Splash with dolphins!! (Iruka to Splash!!) +81 75-354-3130 ¥2,050 (adult), ¥1,550 (16-18 year old), ¥1,000 (6 - 15 year old), ¥600 (over 3 year old) -1/3

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