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Yasurai dance with flower umbrellas bring you a health and a happiness

Yasurai Festival

/ やすらい祭
Venue: Imamiya Shrine
April 9th, 2017
(The second Sunday of April, every year)
Yasurai Festival
Yasurai festival is held on the second Sunday of April at Imamiya shrine every year. Yasurai has been designated as one of the nation's folk intangible cultural heritage, and has been one of Kyoto's best 3 funny festivals with Uzumasa cow festival and Kurama fire festival. It has been said that if the day of Yasurai festival is sunny, all Kyoto festivals in this year would be blessed with weather. The origin of Yasurai festival are the two old rituals, a Ekijin pilgrimage to calm the evil spirit...mores and Gorei festivals held in the area named Eyami, where Imamiya shrine is currently located.
Usually around 5000 people are visiting to Yasurai festival. The highlight is a ceremony and a flower umbrella.
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At first you must pay attention to how powerful it is on the parade. Vivid red color of the costume and a unique appearance will increase a power. If you don’t have enough time to visit Imamiya shrine, you may have an opportunity to see the parade around Imamiya shrine.
Flower umbrellas which are decorated with cherry blossoms or camellias and red or black hair demons are making the line, and the parade is going to Imamiya shrine while they shout ‘Yasurai no hana ya ~’ meaning ‘the flower of Yasurai‘ in Japanese.
Yasurai Dance
Yasurai Dance
Ueno yasurai and Kawakami yasurai, (they have different origins) arrive at Imamiya shrine around 3pm. And, after they are going round the main hall, Yasurai dance is performed by demons. They are violently but also slowly making a dance in front of the cherry blossoms. It is interesting to compare with the difference of each Yasurai dance characteristics.
Let's share the umbrella
Let's join !
Let's share the umbrella
Flower umbrella is also called ‘Halberd umbrella’ or ‘Elegance umbrella. An umbrella size is around 70 inch and it is decorated with cherries, camellias, Yamabuki (Japanese roses), willow, young pines. It is said that you can get rid of your bad spirits in this year by sharing the umbrella.
Yasurai dolls
Let's join !
Yasurai dolls
Yasurai dolls are the dolls of dog demon to rebel bad spirits and sold at Imamiya shrine. Your bad spirits will be transferred to doll, by writing your name on the doll. The dolls which are contributed by visitors, are burnt in the lucky day.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
Please be cautious of the space and people around you as you may be observing in a crowded area. Please enjoy sharing the flower umbrella while being cautious of the safety of yourself and the others.
Appearance photo Imamiya shrine
Yasurai Festival
Phone +81 - 75 - 491 - 0082
Address 21 Murasakino imamiyacho kita-ku, Kyoto city
Directions Imamiya shrine mae bus stop on kyoto city bus route 46
Event time *Parade : 12pm~
*Yasurai Dance at Imamiya shrine : around 3pm~
Cancellations Parade will be cancelled in the case of rain, Yasurai dance at Yasurai shrine is held even in case of rain.
Notes You can see the parade from any area around Imamiya Shrine, especially an orderly-lined can be seen in front of the aburi mochi shop and the road approaching the shrine from the east gate of Imamiya shrine.
Fee Free
Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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Parade and dance are pretty exciting, you can be shared with Japanese energy just by looking it.
Information Japanese only
Languages spoken Japanese only
Yasurai Festival +81 - 75 - 491 - 0082 Free 2/3

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