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Eigamura Night Festival

- 映画村夜祭 -
PeriodAugust 5th-6th, 11th-16th, 19th-20th, 2017
VenueTOEI Kyoto Studio Park in Uzumasa
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Enjoy the visionary nighttime illumination in the old Japanese townscape
Only 20 minutes way from Kyoto Station, there is a theme park called TOEI Kyoto Studio Park in Uzumasa. In this theme park, there are many casts and guests who wear Samurai and Kimono costumes and walking around the park. Therefore, it feels as if you had been transported through time to another age! All the buildings are reproduced in the image of the old Edo Period and the motion picture filming of Japanese historical play is often taken place in this theme park. If you are lucky, you can witness the drama there! TOEI Kyoto Studio Park is also called as “Japan’s Hollywood” and lots of fun and interesting events are held every day. Speaking of Ninja, there are many Ninja shows and Ninja training sessions. If you visit TOEI Kyoto Studio Park with kids, a handshake meeting with heroes would be suitable for you. You can also transform into Ninja, Samurai and Maiko, and walk around the theme park! We highly recommend it since you may feel as if you became one of the movie stars! TOEI Kyoto Studio Park normally closes in the evening. However, it opens for a summer event called “Eigamura Night Festival” during the specific days. The movie sets are beautifully lit at night and you will certainly enjoy the experience of the night of Edo Period (around 1600-1867)! The regular TOEI Kyoto Studio Park is absolutely fun but it will be a unique experience of visiting there at night with nighttime illumination!
Walk around the old town of Japan
Walk around the old town of Japan
The townscape in TOEI Kyoto Studio Park is reproduced to imitate Edo Period. If you are lucky, you can take a photo with casts who wear Samurai costumes! Kyoto is often referred as the town that integrates with old and new townscapes. However, as TOEI Kyoto Studio Park is made in the image of the townscape of Edo Period, you will surely feel as if you had been transported through time to another period!
Nakamura-za playhouse
Nakamura-za playhouse
There are various facilities in TOEI Kyoto Studio Park and this place is called “Nakamura-za playhouse” where many kinds of shows and events are held. Long time ago, Kabuki Play used to be performed in the theater called “Nakamura-za”. Kabuki is a traditional Japanese theater form, which is listed as part of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (referred to In this Nakamura-za playhouse, shows with 3D lights are taken place and they have good reputations from visitors from around the world.
Ninja show “Sasuke”
3Let's join!
Ninja show “Sasuke”
There are many fun shows in TOEI Kyoto Studio Park and this ninja show “Sasuke” is one of the main events. The story is that the famous ninja “Sasuke” fights with enemies. Although all the lines are in Japanese, you will certainly enjoy the actions such as jumping from the high building and fighting with swords etc. As it is allowed to take photos during the show, it may be a good souvenir to bring them back to your country!
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.7 experience4.0 access3.5 photogenic3.5
You will certainly enjoy the wonderful experiences such as transforming into Maiko and Samurai, and walking around the movie sets. It is fantastic to see the nighttime illumination as well. I suggest that you enjoy the lively shows and attractions during the daytime and relax with visionary illumination at night!
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Eigamura Night Festival / 映画村夜祭
Phone +81 75-864-7716
Address 10, hachioka-cho, uzumasahigashi, ukyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto 616-8161
Directions 【From Shijo Kawaramachi and Sanjo Keihan Station etc.】 Take Kyoto Bus #63, #64 or #65 and get off at “Uzumasa Eigamura Mae”. It arrives in front of TOEI Kyoto Studio Park 【From Kyoto Station】 Take Sagano Line and get off at Hanazono Station. It takes about 13-minute walk. Or get off at Uzumasa Station. It takes about 5-minute walk
Event time 5pm-9pm (Night time business hours)
Cancellations Illumination will be canceled in case of rain
Price range
Entrance fee ¥1,500 (Adult) ¥1,000 ( Junior and high school students) ¥800 (Over 3 year-old) *Please note that the extra charge will be incurred for each attraction *Please note that the fee above will be incurred when you enter after 5pm for “Eigamura Night Festival”
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc. / Accepted   *Please be advised that you may not be able to use your credit cards in some of the shops
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
TOEI Kyoto Studio Park is popular not only for Japanese but also for foreign visitors. Hence, many guests are visiting there every day. It is a must-visit spot as there are some guide maps in several languages. It is also recommended for families with children as there are many attractions for kids!
Information Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean (On the official website)
Lanuages spoken Japanese only

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