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Summer event to celebrate Star Festival in Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Kitano Tanabata festival

/ 北野七夕祭
Venue: Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
August 1st-14th, 2016
Kitano Tanabata festival
There is an event called Tanabata (Star) Festival in July 7th in Japan. It is famous as there is a romantic folk tale that the couple stars, the Lyre and Altair of Aquila, can meet only once a year in the night of July 7th (this day is called “Tanabata”). On this day, people of all ages will write their wishes on the strip of paper called “Tanzaku” and hang them on the bamboo trees as it is believed that your wish will be granted. In summer, there are many events to celebrate Star Festival in Ja...morepan. In Kyoto, the big Star Festival “Kyo no Tanabata (Star Festival of Kyoto)” will be held. Since Tanabata was held in August in the old calendar, Kyo no Tanabata is also taken place around the same time. Kyo no Tanabata is held for 2 weeks in the beginning of August and there are many events such as nighttime illuminations in several places, Water Art Projection near the river, dance performance by Maiko and so on.
This time, we would like to introduce “Kitano Tanabata Festival” held in Kitano Tenmangu Shrine from August 1st to 14th. Kitano Tenmangu Shrine is located in the center of Kyoto and is also famous for the street fair known as “Tenjin-san” which is open to public on the 25th of every month. In this Star Festival, summer festival dances by Maiko and Geiko, concerts of Japanese drums and nighttime illumination of bamboo trees and strip of papers will be offered. As there are many exiting and visionary events during the festival, let’s join and enjoy the Star Festival in Kitano Tenmangu Shrine!
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Star (Tanabata) Festival is a very popular event for Japanese people and the scene of bamboo trees and strip of papers is often seen everywhere in summer in Japan. You may enjoy this festival in the calm and relaxed atmosphere. We also recommend the summer festival dance (known as “Bon Odori”) performed by Maiko and Geiko in August 10th as you may enjoy the lively atmosphere. It is worth visiting the Honden (Main Hall) of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine as the nighttime illumination is beautifully and fa...morentastically colored with bamboo trees and strip of papers.
Nighttime illumination
Nighttime illumination
There is a nighttime illumination in the Star Festival in Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. It is magnificent when the shrine gate is illuminated at night. It is a good point that you can get into the Odoi Mound only during the period of the Star Festival. Odoi Mound was made by a famous Shogun (political leader) to defend the city of Kyoto and this is also registered as a historic site. Odoi Mound is also illuminated, so it may be nice to enjoy the calm night of Kyoto while wearing Kimono!
Write a wish on the leaf of paper mulberry
Let's join !
Write a wish on the leaf of paper mulberry
In modern times, it is popular to write your wishes on the long and narrow strip of paper. However, people used to write their wishes on the leaf called paper mulberry in old times. In Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, paper mulberry figured strip of paper is sold. The regular strip of papers is also sold, so anyone can write their wishes. Although you are not able to write your wishes on the paper mulberry figured strip of paper, it may be a nice idea to bring it back as a souvenir as it is pretty! Pleas...moree also try a water fortune-telling called "Mizu-ura Mikuji" which characters will emerge when you soak it into a water. We highly recommend it as it is also written in English!
Kitano Tanabata Festival Appearance Photo
Kitano Tanabata festival
Phone +81 75-461-0005
Address Bakuro-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-city, 602-8386
Directions City Bus (50) or (101) from JR Kyoto Station;
(203)Demachiyanagi Station to Kitano Tenmangu-mae
Event time The Star Festival (also called as Tanabata Matsuri Festival): August 1st-14th
Kamishichiken Tanabata Bon Odori (summer festival dance performed by Maiko and Geiko): August 10th at 5pm~
Nighttime illumination: August 1st-14th from the evening till 9pm
Japanese drums concert: August 14th at 1pm~
(These events are just a part of the Kitano Tanabata Festival. There are other interesting events as well!)
Cancellations It will be cancel in case of rain and wind
Fee Free (paper mulberry figured strip of paper: charged, strip of paper set: charged, Mizu-ura Mikuji fortune-telling for ¥300)
Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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As this festival is be held for long period of time, foreign visitors can easily join it! Although shrine staff don’t speak English, you may enjoy the beautiful festival atmosphere.
Information Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean (On the official website)
Languages spoken Japanese only
Kitano Tanabata festival +81 75-461-0005 Free (paper mulberry figured strip of paper: charged, strip of paper set: charged, Mizu-ura Mikuji fortune-telling for ¥300) -1/3

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