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A shrine that supports you for a very good relationship

Imamiya-Jinja Shrine

/ 今宮神社
Imamiya-Jinja Shrine
A Vermilion colored torii gate of Imamiya-Jinja shrine stands out in the residential area at the north of Kyoto. It was established in 997 and has been really long-loved by so many Ujiko (believers for the shrine) at Nishijin in which they live. Originally, the premises of the shrine was the place where the god of sickness, Susanoo was enshrined in order to prevent an epidemic in Japan. However, the capital city of Japan moved to Kyoto from Nara in 794 and there were a lot of bad things were hap...morepened in Kyoto and other area. Therefore, a ceremony to appease the god of evil called Murasaki-no Goryo-e was held in the area in 1001. Since then, it has been held in May every year and renamed Imamiya Matsuri (festival) where a lot of local people visit so as to keep their health. Since the shrine and the believers keep a close relationship, the presence in the shrine offers you the friendly ambience.

As the shrine is really well-known for a getting married to a successful and kind because a woman who was born in Nishijin got married to Shogun, Tokugawa Iemitsu in 1651, So many visitors from whole Japan come and pray for good marriage.
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Imamiya-Jinja shrine is enshrined with the god of a textile called Orihime-sha. Not only the famous Japanese textile, Nishijin-ori originated in the Nishijin in Kyoto, but also most believers for the shrine live in the same area mostly. A good luck charm shaped as a catfish is actually hand-made one by one. They are offered at the shrine in the site. They are so lovely and you would get to buy!
Must See !
Honden (main shrine)
Three gods of sickness are enshrined at Hon-den.
through out the day local people often visit.
Not only the purposes of tourists visit to avoid sickness, but also some of them who are eager to meet a man with a very good position at work visit there since a woman named Otama who was a daughter of a greengrocer was succeeded to become a concubine of Shogun, Tokugawa Iemitsu in Edo period.
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Since the Ujiko (believers of the shrine) live in Nishijin where is famous for the traditional Kyoto textile, Nishijin-ori, there is a shrine for its expert in the site. The textile is used for mainly kimono, but the nowadays, some Japanese goods are made with this.
Two monuments beside the shrine are shaped as the tool of making Nishijin-ori.
If you get interested in it, let’s try to go down to Nishijin, you may hear the sound of making the textile if you are lucky.
Ahokashi-san might be telling your fortune
Must Do !
Ahokashi-san might be telling your fortune
A magical stone called Ahokashi-san would be telling you whether your wishes become true or not!
Firstly, please tap the stone softly and stroke it three times each. Then, try to hold it up.
It is believed that if it feels light to those who try to lift it, their dreams will come true.
Feel free to try doing it!
Must Do !
Buying a charm of catfish ¥800
It is told that a catfish is a messenger of beauty.
The shrine offers so cute three types of cute good luck charms each of which has a special meaning: red and orange (keeping calm), orange and white ( to be decisive), and white(clear mind)
We highly recommend you putting it with your bag!
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
The shrine is the holy place. Believers often visit there. Please do not anything that you never do when you visit and pray for your religion in your country.
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Imamiya-Jinja Shrine
Categories Temples & Shrines
Phone +81 75-491-0082
Address 21 Murasakino Imamiyacho, Kita-ku Kyoto-shi603-8243
Directions ・Take a Kyoto city bus #46 and get off Imamiya-jinja Mae bus stop.

・7 minute-walk from Funaokayama bus stop by #1, #12, #204, #205, #206, #kita8, or #M1 from Kyoto subway Kita-oji stn.
Hours 24 hours open
Reservations None
Closed None
Fee Free
Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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The English brochure is offered for ¥10. The priests will welcome you friendly. The site is not that a large, but there are some fascinating spiritual Shinto spots you may enjoy.
Information Japanese, English
Languages spoken Japanese only
Imamiya-Jinja Shrine +81 75-491-0082 Free -1/3

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