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See the unforgettable aurora-like green floor

Jisso-in Temple

/ 実相院
Jisso-in Temple
Awesomely lush green of maple trees reflected on the floor like an aurora will make your feel refreshed. Jisso-in Temple keeps the maintenance of the floor every day in order to offer the breathtaking green scenery. In autumn, it will turn red.

The temple was established in 1229 and its official name is Jisso-in Monzeki. A temple where a person who is from imperial family or aristocracy used to work as a priest is called Monzaki. Hence, Shogun, Tokugawa Iemitsu supported the reconstruction of...more the temple at the late Muromachi period (around in 1573) because some buildings of the temple was burnt out by a fire of the war.

If you are interested in Japanese art, there are over 100 Fusuma-e (painting on a Japanese traditional slide door) that you should check! As taking any photos is prohibited inside of the temple, enjoy the silent atmosphere while feeling the wind.
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Whenever the spring and autumn season come, Jisso-in Temple gathers so many tourist who would like to look at the green or red leaves reflected on the floor as if you looked the miracle aurora! This is super beautiful scenery, but some Fusuma (a Japanese slide door) are personally recommended! These were painted by a group of Kano who used to be asked to paint some by the order of Shogun Tokugawa. The painting of the fusuma at the temple has still retained its original state.
Don’t miss them!
Greenery floor
Must See !
Greenery Floor
Maple leaves with natural green are reflected on the floor like a mirror! As the surface of the floor is blacked out, deep green color stands out well. Interestingly the length of reflection is extended morning to the daytime.
*Please do not take any photos of it.
Over 100 shoji (a Japanese slide door)
Must See !
Over 100 Fusuma (a Japanese slide door)
There are historical fusuma in each room. Basically, a fusuma at a temple is repainted. However, the fusuma in this temple has never been repaired. Therefore, it is extremely rare to see. Unfortunately, they will be repainted in 2018 or 2019 years. So please do not miss this actual art by that time!
Look at the dry landscape
Must Do !
Look At The Dry Landscape
A garden is laid out based on the shape of Japan with moss and wood. The three arched objects are motifs of the wave. It is because one of the reason why the garden is made is to pray for the victims of the earthquake around Tohoku area in 2011. It took over 2 years to be completed in support of the temple. The name of garden is the heart. Try to talk to yourself about your future while looking at.
Try to find a Frogs
Must Do !
Try To Find A Frog
A lot of forest green frogs live in this pond. The crying of the frogs is sounded while you are in the temple. Originally, they used to live in a pond behind the mountain of the temple until the pond dried out, and they moved and started living there. The eggs of these frogs have been kept by the staff.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
Please do not take any photos inside of the temple. Only taking some photos from the balcony is permitted. Do not run nor make noise there.
Jisso-in Temple Appearance PhotoJisso-in Temple Appearance Photo
Jisso-in Temple
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Phone +81 075-781-5464
Address 121, Iwakura Aguracho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 606-0017
Directions 1 minute-walk from Iwakura-Jisso-in bus stop from #24 Kyoto bus for Iwakura Jisso-in getting on at Kyoto subway Karasuma line Kokusai-kaikan stn.
Hours 9am - 5pm
Reservations Not accepted
Closed Irregular days
Fee Adult ¥500 / Child ¥250
Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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The guide of the temple is in English, Chinese, and Korean in the same brochure. #24 Kyoto bus directly goes to the temple for ¥170 from Kyoto subway Kokusai-kaikan Station.
Information The brochure is translated with English, Chinese, and Korean
Languages spoken Japanese only
URL http://www.jissoin.com/
Jisso-in Temple +81 075-781-5464 Adult ¥500 / Child ¥250 -1/3

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