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The oldest shrine in Kyoto is still very lively

Kamigamo Shrine

/ 上賀茂神社
Kamigamo Shrine
The official name is Kamo-wake-ikazuchi Shrine. It is registered by UNESCO as world heritage site. It is believed that Kamigamo Shrine is the oldest one in Kyoto and is made by gods. This is the place where horse riding in Japan originated from. Because of that, omikuji (fortune paper) that you can get here is held in a toy horse’s mouth. A horse riding performance is held on May 5th of every year which you could see if you plan to come to Kyoto at that time. There is also Kataoka Shrine inside ...moreas well which is popular as the place where god for good-match making exists. Two huge torii gates will welcome you into the shrine.
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What I liked about this shrine is that the entrance is free! I love everything that's free. In addition, it is built surrounded by chain-mountain, and you can see the Kamogawa river nearby. I was born and grew up in Tokyo surrounded by huge buildings so It’s already in the list I would like to go on the weekends when I need to take a deep breath.
It was the first time for me to visit Kamigamo Shrine and I absolutely loved there! Kamigamo Shrine is located right next
to Kamogawa river, so beautiful stream with clear water is flowing through the shrine. If you visit there around 9:00 in the morning, you may witness priests doing the daily ritual such as vowing to the gods in the shrines!
Must See !
Tatesuna (landmark sand hillocks)
It is made to resemble god mountains. Some people do the ritual of creating sand hills as shown in the picture and throwing the sand in the direction of bad spirits. The true meaning behind it is still unknown, but people believe that it will refrain from bad spirits. Although the alter behind the Tatesuna is not the main one, it is still nice to look at.
Kataoka shrine
Must See !
Kataoka Shrine
So many ema (wooden plaques for writing wishes) are displayed which are in heart shapes. However, it is the symbol mark of the flower, futaba aoi, which blossoms around May of each year. People who would like to meet someone to get married mostly writes their wishes on it. You could buy it for ¥500 and write on it, or enjoy reading other's wishes on them. Sometimes the wishes are written in English. Please check them out!
Fortune paper
Must Do !
Fortune Paper ¥500
These horses holds your luck with these fortune papers. Choose one from the box and see what your fortune paper says. If you don't understand how lucky you are, feel free to ask someone and find out. Daikichi means very lucky. Daikyo means unlucky.
Pure Sand
Must Do !
Pure Sand ¥500
It is the same sand as the one used in Tatesuna. Scatter the direction of bad spirits especially when you start living in a new house for the bad luck to not come in. They are sold in the box next to Tatesuna. Just put ¥500 in the coin box besides it.
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Do not enter any prohibited areas.
Kamigamo Temple Appearnace photo
Kamigamo Shrine
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Phone +81 75-781-0011
Address 339 Motoyama, Kamigamo, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, 603-8047
Directions Take Kyoto City Bus No. 9 from Kyoto Stn. and get off at Kamigamo-Misono-bashi bus stop.
Hours 5am - 5pm
Reservations Not accepted
Closed None
Fee Free
Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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Ceremonies in English are offered for overseas visitors to experience traditional Shinto culture
Information English
Languages spoken There are English speaking priests
Kamigamo Shrine +81 75-781-0011 Free 3/3

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