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Taste of the season along the river that murmurs softly

Kibune no Kawadoko

/ 貴船の川床
May 1 - September 30 yearly
Kibune no Kawadoko
In the north of Kyoto lies Kibune, and along the Kibune River are about 20 restaurants that set up seating called Kawadoko above flowing waters every year from May 1 through the end of summer. Among a rich atmosphere soaked in greenery, you can savor Japanese cuisine made with seasonal ingredients. Located right close to the river, temperatures are often 5 to 10 °C cooler than the muggy heat of central Kyoto. It’s also an excellent area for taking a stroll, such as at nearby Kifune Shrine. Diffe...morerent from the hustle and bustle of the central city, enjoy a side of Kyoto that’s filled with nature.

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When you’re tired from your stroll, have a rest at a riverside cafe. I recommend boosting your sugar levels with something like green tea ice cream. There’s also hot springs available for day trippers!
Walking by the river or dining at Kawadoko, there might be some insects in the air, so be sure to bring some bug repellent!
The Kibune River
Must See !
The Kibune River
Flowing through the green of the countryside, the water of the Kibune River is gorgeously clear. In late June, you’ll be able to see fireflies. It is recommend to bring a towel or handkerchief for those who want to go down to the river.
Stone Steps of Kifune Shrine
Must See !
Stone Steps Of Kifune Shrine
These steps continue from the shrine gate in which the green of the trees contrasts beautifully with the red lanterns along the stairs. Lit up in the evening, the path transforms into a fantastic world. The steps are a little steep, so wear shoes that are good for walking.
Eating at Kawadoko
Must Do !
Eating At Kawadoko
Enjoy Japanese cuisine like tempura, grilled fish, and sashimi as you listen to the soothing murmur of the river. You can also soak your feet in the cool waters of the river (it really is quite cool!). During the summer high season, be sure to make reservations early.
Water Divination
Must Do !
Water Divination
Kifune Shrine has omikuji (fortunes on slips of paper). Printed on white paper, the fortune gradually comes to the surface when you float it in water. Please note that the fortunes are written in Japanese only.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
Mind your step not to get injured when you are near the river.
Corporate in protecting the nature by putting trash into the dust boxes.
Near Kibuneguchi Station on the Eizan Electric Railway.
Kibune no Kawadoko Appearance Photo 1
Kibune no Kawadoko
Categories Cultural Experience
Phone +81 75-741-4444 (Kibune Tourism Association)
Address Near Kibuneguchi Station on the Eizan Electric Railway
Directions 5-minute by bus from Kibuneguchi Station
Hours Varies
Reservations Varies
Closed Varies
Notes During the summer high season, be sure to make reservations early
Fee ¥7,000 ~ ¥20,000
Credit cards Varies depending on the restaurant
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
  • ●
  • ●
  • ○
English menus available
Information Varies
Languages spoken Varies
Kibune no Kawadoko +81 75-741-4444 (Kibune Tourism Association) ¥7,000 ~ ¥20,000 3/3

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