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Magnificent view from Mt. Daimonji

Mt. Daimonji

/ 大文字山
Mt. Daimonji Main
Mt. Daimonji is popular for hiking. The altitude is 466m. There are some entrances such as Ginkaku-ji temple and Nanzen-ji temple and, each route takes around 1 hour to get to the top. A course from Ginkaku-ji temple, especially, is maintained. So it’s easier to climb for kids too. It is said that scenery from the top is incomparable in Kyoto, you can look the whole city. Even skyscrapers in Osaka can be seen on a sunny day. A word “大” on the surface of the mountain means “big” in English. It is...more burned in the shape at an annual event called Gozan-no-okuribi every August. Not only tourists but also the locals visit since it is allowed to walk on “大” word. Look down the town and find where you’ve been!
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The most pleasant event is having box lunch on the top. Viewing a landscape becomes the last spice of a meal, no doubt it tastes better than at home. It doesn’t have to be fancy, purchase one from supermarket or Kyoto station is good enough.
An amazing view from the top
Must See !
An amazing view from the top
Kyoto in all directions is yours! Most climbers return at “big” word, however, keep walking to the end. It is convincing that Kyoto is surrounded on all four sides by mountains. Did you know buildings in Kyoto are below 31m? It’s to preserver the scene. That makes sense they are harmonious.
The center of “大”
Must See !
The center of “大”
It is the fire bed of a burning event, Gozan-no-okuribi, a summer tradition. Fire beds are as many as 75 places nearby, all used to make “大”-shaped fire. Look for them while walking. You will perceive other climbers having lunch or a break. It’s a sanctuary for everyone!
Walk along “大”
Must Do !
Walk along “大”
Steps in the picture is the vertical line of “大”, it is made with more than 100 steps. It’s hard to go up and down, but also rewarding because even hidden part the city is spotted from here. Try it after a break.
Visit and see Gozan Okuribi
Must Do !
Visit and see Gozan Okuribi
The event Gozan-no-okuribi is held Aug. 16 annually. It is said that they send dead souls to the next world. There are five characters and each mountain has a different word. The most remarkable word is “大” as in “大文字山”, Mt. Daimonji. You can see it from various areas, but a good unknown spot is around Seiwa-in, located in the east of Kyoto imperial palace. Less crowded and orange “大” sparkles facing you.
More info: https://sharing-kyoto....morecom/event_gozan_okuribi/
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The forest keeps their water, prevents flood, and absorbs carbon dioxide. Enjoy climbing without damaging them.
Mt. Daimonji Appearance Photo
Mt. Daimonji
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Address Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu 606-0001
Directions ・Ginkakuji-Temple Route (Sharing Kyoto Recommended): 10-minute walk from Ginkakuji-michi bus stop by Kyoto city bus #5, #17, or #100 from JR Kyoto Stn.
Hours Does not close
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Ginkaku-ji course is well maintained, so you won’t get lost. Besides, most routs are close to some tourist location.
Information Japanese only
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