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A natural museum thought to have mysterious energy

Mt. Kurama

/ 鞍馬山
Mt. Kurama Main
Mt. Kurama, where represents north Kyoto, is a landmark you can see a natural art. There are primeval plants everywhere and the sight reminds you of a jungle. In this not- seeming-Kyoto place, a street with layered wood roots and fallen trees wearing moss are like a creative activity, which probably makes your step stop. It is also believed that secret power runs here. Some people come here to visit Kurama temple that mainly worships mountains. Two different entrances are available, but one I re...morecommend is Niomon gate located a three-minute away from Hihei line Kurama station. Because cable car there is very useful for those who are not sure of your strength, you can skip a steepy slope to the temple! Nevertheless, quite some highlights are on the way. Try walking if possible and feel great nature.
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West entrance opposite to Niomon gate is an area Kibune river flows. Take a breath in as many as you like to absorb negative ion. There are refreshing restaurants for lunch along the river.
A complex with roots of woods
Must See !
A complex with roots of woods
Wood roots stretch making geometric pattern. It is natural phenomena that roots are unable to go under due to hard soil. There was even a history that people stayed in the mountain and trained themselves using this bumpy footing. It seems they start moving!
Must See !
Twisted woods
These tangled trees can be attributed to magnetic field problem. It has taken extremely a long time to create the stunning art. Pathways are maintained for mountaineers, however, it’s also a preservation area, please keep your hand off as much as you can.
Look at a great view
Must Do !
Look at a great view
A view from a main hall of Kurama temple, you can take a rest on a bench here with magnificent scenery of Mt. Hiei peaks. Feel a curious sense of repeated gusts and quiet.
Must Do !
Go up on a winding slope
On the way from Niomon gate to Kurama temple, there is a sharp slope with 8 curves, it might make you hesitate. However, it’s necessary to step in to find beautiful tree shadow play on the ground. Not sure you can make it? Then they have a rope way for you.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
Bring your jacket with you because it is outskirt and chilly. Do not go over roped-off area.
Mt. Kurama
Categories Scenery
Phone None
Address ・1047 Kurama-Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu 601-1111
Directions ・Nio-mon gate: 3-minute walk from Hiei Line Kurama Stn.
・Nishi-mon gate: 20 minute-walk from Hiei Line Kibuneguchi Stn.
Hours 9am-5pm (enter by 4:30pm)
Reservations Not accepted
Closed None
Fee ¥300
Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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It is slippery, so a stick can be borrowed from entrance. English guide map is free.
Information Information board is available in Japanese and some English.
Languages spoken Japanese only
Mt. Kurama None ¥300 -1/3

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